Psalm 46-50 New American Standard Bible

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God Is Our Refuge and Strength

46 1  God is our refuge and strength , A very present help in trouble . 2  Therefore e we will not fear , though the earth should change And though the mountains slip into the heart of the sea ; 3  Though its waters roar and foam , Though the mountains quake at its swelling pride . Selah . 4  There is a river whose streams make glad the city of God , The holy dwelling places of the Most High . 5  God is in the midst of her, she will not be moved ; God will help her when morning dawns .

6  The nations made an uproar , the kingdoms tottered ; He raised His voice , the earth melted . 7  The Lord of hosts is with us; The God of Jacob is our stronghold . Selah . 8  Come , behold the works of the Lord , Who has wrought desolations in the earth . 9  He makes wars to cease to the end of the earth ; He breaks the bow and cuts the spear in two ; He burns the chariots with fire . 10  "Cease striving and know that I am God ; I will be exalted among the nations , I will be exalted in the earth ." 11  The Lord of hosts is with us; The God of Jacob is our stronghold . Selah .

God Is the King of All the Earth

47 1  O clap your hands , all peoples ; Shout to God with the voice of joy . 2  For the Lord Most High is to be feared , A great King over all the earth . 3  He subdues peoples under us And nations under our feet . 4  He chooses our inheritance for us, The glory of Jacob whom He loves . Selah .

5  God has ascended with a shout , The Lord , with the sound of a trumpet . 6  Sing praises to God , sing praises ; Sing praises to our King , sing praises . 7  For God is the King of all the earth ; Sing praises with a skillful psalm . 8  God reigns over the nations , God sits on His holy throne . 9  The princes of the people have assembled themselves as the people of the God of Abraham , For the shields of the earth belong to God ; He is highly exalted .

The Beauty and Glory of Zion

48 1  Great is the Lord , and greatly to be praised , In the city of our God , His holy mountain . 2  Beautiful in elevation , the joy of the whole earth , Is Mount Zion in the far north , The city of the great King . 3  God , in her palaces , Has made Himself known as a stronghold . 4  For, lo , the kings assembled themselves, They passed by together . 5  They saw it, then they were amazed ; They were terrified , they fled in alarm . 6  Panic seized them there , Anguish , as of a woman in childbirth . 7  With the east wind You break the ships of Tarshish .

8  As we have heard , so have we seen In the city of the Lord of hosts , in the city of our God ; God will establish her forever e . Selah . 9  We have thought on Your lovingkindness , O God , In the midst of Your temple . 10  As is Your name , O God , So is Your praise to the ends of the earth ; Your right hand is full of righteousness . 11  Let Mount Zion be glad , Let the daughters of Judah rejoice Because of Your judgments . 12  Walk about Zion and go around her; Count her towers ; 13  Consider e her ramparts ; Go through her palaces , That you may tell it to the next generation . 14  For such is God , Our God forever and ever ; He will guide us until death .

The Folly of Trusting in Riches

49 1  Hear this , all peoples ; Give ear , all inhabitants of the world , 2  Both low e and high e , Rich and poor together . 3  My mouth will speak wisdom , And the meditation of my heart will be understanding . 4  I will incline my ear to a proverb ; I will express my riddle on the harp . 5  Why should I fear in days of adversity , When the iniquity of my foes surrounds me,

6  Even those who trust in their wealth And boast in the abundance of their riches ? 7  No man can by any means redeem his brother Or give to God a ransom for him- 8  For the redemption of his soul is costly , And he should cease trying forever - 9  That he should live on eternally , That he should not undergo decay . 10  For he sees that even wise men die ; The stupid and the senseless alike perish And leave their wealth to others . 11  Their inner thought is that their houses are forever And their dwelling places to all generations ; They have called their lands after their own names . 12  But man in his pomp will not endure ; He is like the beasts that perish . 13  This is the way of those who are foolish , And of those after them who approve their words . Selah . 14  As sheep they are appointed for Sheol ; Death shall be their shepherd ; And the upright shall rule over them in the morning , And their form shall be for Sheol to consume So that they have no habitation .

15  But God will redeem my soul from the power of Sheol , For He will receive me. Selah . 16  Do not be afraid when a man becomes rich , When the glory of his house is increased ; 17  For when he dies he will carry nothing e away; His glory will not descend after him. 18  Though while he lives he congratulates himself - And though men praise you when you do well for yourself- 19  He shall go to the generation of his fathers ; They will never e e see the light . 20  Man in his pomp , yet without understanding , Is like the beasts that perish .

God Is the Judge

50 1  The Mighty One , God , the Lord , has spoken , And summoned the earth from the rising of the sun to its setting . 2  Out of Zion , the perfection of beauty , God has shone forth . 3  May our God come and not keep silence ; Fire devours before Him, And it is very tempestuous around Him. 4  He summons the heavens above e , And the earth , to judge His people : 5  "Gather My godly ones to Me, Those who have made a covenant with Me by sacrifice ." 6  And the heavens declare His righteousness , For God Himself is judge . Selah .

7  " Hear , O My people , and I will speak ; O Israel , I will testify against you; I am God , your God . 8  "I do not reprove you for your sacrifices , And your burnt offerings are continually before Me. 9  "I shall take no young bull out of your house Nor male goats out of your folds . 10  "For every beast of the forest is Mine, The cattle on a thousand hills . 11  "I know every bird of the mountains , And everything that moves in the field is Mine . 12  "If I were hungry I would not tell you, For the world is Mine, and all it contains . 13  "Shall I eat the flesh of bulls Or drink the blood of male goats ? 14  "Offer to God a sacrifice of thanksgiving And pay your vows to the Most High ; 15  Call upon Me in the day of trouble ; I shall rescue you, and you will honor Me."

16  But to the wicked God says , "What right have you to tell of My statutes And to take My covenant in your mouth ? 17  "For you hate discipline , And you cast My words behind you. 18  "When you see a thief , you are pleased with him, And you associate with adulterers . 19  "You let your mouth loose in evil And your tongue frames deceit . 20  "You sit and speak against your brother ; You slander e your own mother's son . 21  "These things you have done and I kept silence ; You thought that I was just like you; I will reprove you and state the case in order before your eyes . 22  "Now consider this , you who forget God , Or I will tear you in pieces, and there will be none to deliver . 23  "He who offers a sacrifice of thanksgiving honors Me; And to him who orders his way aright I shall show the salvation of God ."

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