Jeremiah 46-48 New American Standard Bible

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Prophecies concerning Egypt

46 1  That which came as the word of the Lord to Jeremiah the prophet concerning the nations . 2  To Egypt , concerning the army of Pharaoh Neco king of Egypt , which was by the Euphrates River at Carchemish , which Nebuchadnezzar king of Babylon defeated in the fourth year of Jehoiakim the son of Josiah , king of Judah : 3  " Line up the shield and buckler , And draw near for the battle ! 4  "Harness the horses , And mount the steeds , And take your stand with helmets on! Polish the spears , Put on the scale-armor ! 5  "Why have I seen it? They are terrified , They are drawing back , And their mighty men are defeated And have taken refuge in flight , Without facing back ; Terror is on every side !" Declares the Lord . 6  Let not the swift man flee , Nor the mighty man escape ; In the north beside e the river Euphrates They have stumbled and fallen . 7  Who is this that rises like the Nile , Like the rivers whose waters surge about? 8  Egypt rises like the Nile , Even like the rivers whose waters surge about; And He has said , "I will rise and cover that land ; I will surely destroy the city and its inhabitants ." 9  Go up, you horses , and drive madly , you chariots , That the mighty men may march forward : Ethiopia and Put , that handle the shield , And the Lydians , that handle and bend the bow . 10  For that day belongs to the Lord GOD of hosts , A day of vengeance , so as to avenge Himself on His foes ; And the sword will devour and be satiated And drink its fill of their blood ; For there will be a slaughter for the Lord GOD of hosts , In the land of the north by the river Euphrates . 11  Go up to Gilead and obtain balm , O virgin daughter of Egypt ! In vain have you multiplied remedies ; There is no healing for you.

12  The nations have heard of your shame , And the earth is full of your cry of distress; For one warrior has stumbled over another , And both of them have fallen down together . 13  This is the message which the Lord spoke to Jeremiah the prophet about the coming of Nebuchadnezzar king of Babylon to smite the land of Egypt : 14  "Declare in Egypt and proclaim in Migdol , Proclaim also in Memphis and Tahpanhes ; Say , 'Take your stand and get yourself ready , For the sword has devoured those around you.' 15  "Why have your mighty ones become prostrate ? They do not stand because the Lord has thrust them down . 16  "They have repeatedly stumbled ; Indeed , they have fallen one against another . Then they said , 'Get up! And let us go back To our own people and our native land Away from the sword of the oppressor .' 17  "They cried there , 'Pharaoh king of Egypt is but a big noise ; He has let the appointed time pass by!' 18  "As I live ," declares the King Whose name is the Lord of hosts , "Surely one shall come who looms up like Tabor among the mountains , Or like Carmel by the sea . 19  "Make your baggage ready for exile , O daughter dwelling in Egypt , For Memphis will become a desolation ; It will even be burned down and bereft e of inhabitants . 20  "Egypt is a pretty heifer , But a horsefly is coming from the north -it is coming ! 21  "Also her mercenaries in her midst Are like fattened calves , For even they too have turned back and have fled away together ; They did not stand their ground. For the day of their calamity has come upon them, The time of their punishment . 22  "Its sound moves along like a serpent ; For they move on like an army And come to her as woodcutters with axes . 23  "They have cut down her forest ," declares the Lord ; "Surely it will no more be found , Even though they are now more numerous than locusts And are without number . 24  "The daughter of Egypt has been put to shame , Given over to the power of the people of the north ." 25  The Lord of hosts , the God of Israel , says , "Behold , I am going to punish Amon of Thebes , and Pharaoh , and Egypt along with her gods and her kings , even Pharaoh and those who trust in him. 26  "I shall give them over to the power of those who are seeking their lives , even into the hand of Nebuchadnezzar king of Babylon and into the hand of his officers . Afterwards e , however, it will be inhabited as in the days of old ," declares the Lord . 27  "But as for you, O Jacob My servant , do not fear , Nor be dismayed , O Israel ! For, see , I am going to save you from afar , And your descendants from the land of their captivity ; And Jacob will return and be undisturbed And secure , with no one making him tremble . 28  "O Jacob My servant , do not fear ," declares the Lord , "For I am with you. For I will make a full end of all the nations Where e I have driven you, Yet I will not make a full end of you; But I will correct you properly And by no means leave you unpunished ."

The Prophecy concerning the Philistines

47 1  That which came as the word of the Lord to Jeremiah the prophet concerning the Philistines , before Pharaoh conquered Gaza . 2  Thus says the Lord : "Behold , waters are going to rise from the north And become an overflowing torrent , And overflow the land and all its fullness , The city and those who live in it; And the men will cry out, And every inhabitant of the land will wail . 3  "Because of the noise of the galloping hoofs of his stallions , The tumult of his chariots , and the rumbling of his wheels , The fathers have not turned back for their children , Because of the limpness of their hands , 4  On account of the day that is coming To destroy all the Philistines , To cut off from Tyre and Sidon Every ally that is left ; For the Lord is going to destroy the Philistines , The remnant of the coastland of Caphtor . 5  " Baldness has come upon Gaza ; Ashkelon has been ruined . O remnant of their valley , How long will you gash yourself? 6  "Ah , sword of the Lord , How long will you not be quiet ? Withdraw into your sheath ; Be at rest and stay still . 7  "How can it be quiet , When the Lord has given it an order ? Against Ashkelon and against the seacoast e - There He has assigned it."

The Prophecy concerning Moab

48 1  Concerning Moab . Thus says the Lord of hosts , the God of Israel , "Woe to Nebo , for it has been destroyed ; Kiriathaim has been put to shame , it has been captured ; The lofty stronghold has been put to shame and shattered . 2  "There is praise for Moab no longer ; In Heshbon they have devised calamity against her: 'Come and let us cut her off from being a nation !' You too , Madmen , will be silenced ; The sword will follow e after you. 3  "The sound of an outcry from Horonaim , 'Devastation and great destruction !' 4  "Moab is broken , Her little ones have sounded out a cry of distress. 5  "For by the ascent of Luhith They will ascend with continual weeping ; For at the descent of Horonaim They have heard the anguished cry of destruction . 6  " Flee , save your lives , That you may be like a juniper in the wilderness . 7  "For because of your trust in your own achievements and treasures , Even you yourself will be captured ; And Chemosh will go off into exile Together with his priests and his princes . 8  "A destroyer will come to every city , So that no city will escape ; The valley also will be ruined And the plateau will be destroyed , As the Lord has said . 9  "Give wings to Moab , For she will flee away ; And her cities will become a desolation , Without inhabitants in them. 10  " Cursed be the one who does the Lord'S work negligently , And cursed be the one who restrains his sword from blood . 11  "Moab has been at ease since his youth ; He has also been undisturbed , like wine on its dregs , And he has not been emptied from vessel to vessel , Nor has he gone into exile . Therefore e he retains his flavor , And his aroma has not changed . 12  "Therefore behold , the days are coming ," declares the Lord , "when I will send to him those who tip vessels, and they will tip him over , and they will empty his vessels and shatter his jars . 13  "And Moab will be ashamed of Chemosh , as the house of Israel was ashamed of Bethel , their confidence .

14  "How can you say , 'We are mighty warriors , And men valiant for battle '? 15  "Moab has been destroyed and men have gone up to his cities ; His choicest young men have also gone down to the slaughter ," Declares the King , whose name is the Lord of hosts . 16  "The disaster of Moab will soon come , And his calamity has swiftly hastened . 17  "Mourn for him, all you who live around him, Even all of you who know his name ; Say , 'How has the mighty scepter been broken , A staff of splendor !' 18  " Come down from your glory And sit on the parched ground , O daughter dwelling in Dibon , For the destroyer of Moab has come up against you, He has ruined your strongholds . 19  "Stand by the road and keep watch , O inhabitant of Aroer ; Ask him who flees and her who escapes And say , 'What has happened ?' 20  "Moab has been put to shame , for it has been shattered . Wail and cry out; Declare by the Arnon That Moab has been destroyed . 21  "Judgment has also come upon the plain , upon Holon , Jahzah and against Mephaath , 22  against Dibon , Nebo and Beth-diblathaim , 23  against Kiriathaim , Beth-gamul and Beth-meon , 24  against Kerioth , Bozrah and all the cities of the land of Moab , far and near . 25  "The horn of Moab has been cut off and his arm broken ," declares the Lord . 26  " Make him drunk , for he has become arrogant toward the Lord ; so Moab will wallow in his vomit , and he also will become a laughingstock . 27  "Now was not Israel a laughingstock to you? Or was he caught among thieves ? For each time you speak about him you shake your head in scorn. 28  "Leave the cities and dwell among the crags , O inhabitants of Moab , And be like a dove that nests Beyond the mouth of the chasm . 29  " We have heard of the pride of Moab -he is very proud - Of his haughtiness , his pride , his arrogance and his self-exaltation e . 30  "I know his fury ," declares the Lord , "But it is futile ; His idle boasts have accomplished nothing . 31  "Therefore e I will wail for Moab , Even for all Moab will I cry out; I will moan for the men of Kir-heres . 32  "More than the weeping for Jazer I will weep for you, O vine of Sibmah ! Your tendrils stretched across the sea , They reached to the sea of Jazer ; Upon your summer fruits and your grape harvest The destroyer has fallen . 33  "So gladness and joy are taken away From the fruitful field , even from the land of Moab . And I have made the wine to cease from the wine presses ; No one will tread them with shouting , The shouting will not be shouts of joy. 34  " From the outcry at Heshbon even to Elealeh , even to Jahaz they have raised their voice , from Zoar even to Horonaim and to Eglath-shelishiyah e ; for even the waters of Nimrim will become desolate . 35  "I will make an end of Moab ," declares the Lord , "the one who offers sacrifice on the high place and the one who burns incense to his gods . 36  "Therefore e My heart wails for Moab like flutes ; My heart also wails like flutes for the men of Kir-heres . Therefore e they have lost the abundance it produced . 37  "For every head is bald and every beard cut short ; there are gashes on all the hands and sackcloth on the loins . 38  "On all the housetops of Moab and in its streets there is lamentation everywhere ; for I have broken Moab like an undesirable e vessel ," declares the Lord . 39  "How shattered it is! How they have wailed ! How Moab has turned his back -he is ashamed ! So Moab will become a laughingstock and an object of terror to all around him." 40  For thus says the Lord : "Behold , one will fly swiftly like an eagle And spread out his wings against Moab . 41  "Kerioth has been captured And the strongholds have been seized , So the hearts of the mighty men of Moab in that day Will be like the heart of a woman in labor . 42  "Moab will be destroyed from being a people Because he has become arrogant toward the Lord . 43  " Terror , pit and snare are coming upon you, O inhabitant of Moab ," declares the Lord . 44  "The one who flees from the terror Will fall into the pit , And the one who climbs up out of the pit Will be caught in the snare ; For I shall bring upon her, even upon Moab , The year of their punishment ," declares the Lord . 45  "In the shadow of Heshbon The fugitives stand without strength ; For a fire has gone forth from Heshbon And a flame from the midst of Sihon , And it has devoured the forehead of Moab And the scalps of the riotous revelers e . 46  " Woe to you, Moab ! The people of Chemosh have perished ; For your sons have been taken away captive And your daughters into captivity . 47  "Yet I will restore the fortunes of Moab In the latter days ," declares the Lord . Thus far the judgment on Moab .

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