1 Corinthians 10:1-18 Bible in Basic English

Warning against Idolatry

10 1  For it is my desire, my brothers, that you may keep in mind how all our fathers were under the cloud, and they all went through the sea; 2  And they all had baptism from Moses in the cloud and in the sea; 3  And they all took the same holy food; 4  And the same holy drink: for they all took of the water from the holy rock which came after them: and the rock was Christ. 5  But with most of them God was not pleased: for they came to their end in the waste land.

6  Now these things were for an example to us, so that our hearts might not go after evil things, as they did. 7  Then do not go after false gods, as some of them did; as it is said in the holy Writings, After resting and feasting, the people got up to take their pleasure. 8  Again, let us not give way to the desires of the flesh, as some of them did, of whom twenty-three thousand came to their end in one day. 9  And let us not put the Lord to the test, as some of them did, and came to their death by snakes. 10  And do not say evil things against the Lord, as some of them did, and destruction overtook them. 11  Now these things were done as an example; and were put down in writing for our teaching, on whom the last days have come. 12  So let him who seems to himself to be safe go in fear of a fall. 13  You have been put to no test but such as is common to man: and God is true, who will not let any test come on you which you are not able to undergo; but he will make with the test a way out of it, so that you may be able to go through it. 14  For this cause, my dear brothers, give no worship to false gods.

15  What I am saying is for wise men, do you be the judges of it. 16  The cup of blessing which we take, does it not give us a part in the blood of Christ? and is not the broken bread a taking part in the body of Christ? 17  Because we, being a number of persons, are one bread, we are one body: for we all take part in the one bread. 18  See Israel after the flesh: do not those who take as food the offerings of the altar take a part in the altar?

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