Psalm 97-99 Bible in Basic English

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The LORD's Dominion and Power

97 1  The Lord is King, let the earth have joy; let all the sea-lands be glad. 2  Dark clouds are round him; his kingdom is based on righteousness and right judging. 3  Fire goes before him, burning up all those who are against him round about. 4  His bright flames give light to the world; the earth saw it with fear. 5  The mountains became like wax at the coming of the Lord, at the coming of the Lord of all the earth. 6  The heavens gave out the news of his righteousness, and all the people saw his glory. 7  Shamed be all those who give worship to images, and take pride in false gods; give him worship, all you gods.

8  Zion gave ear and was glad; and the daughters of Judah were full of joy, because of your decisions, O Lord. 9  For you, Lord, are most high over the earth; you are lifted up over all other gods. 10  You who are lovers of the Lord, be haters of evil; he keeps the souls of his saints; he takes them out of the hand of sinners. 11  Light is shining on the lovers of righteousness, and for the upright in heart there is joy. 12  Be glad in the Lord, you upright men; praising the memory of his holy name.

Praise for God's Righteousness

98 1  O make a new song to the Lord, because he has done works of wonder; with his right hand, and with his holy arm, he has overcome. 2  The Lord has given to all the knowledge of his salvation; he has made clear his righteousness in the eyes of the nations. 3  He has kept in mind his mercy and his unchanging faith to the house of Israel; all the ends of the earth have seen the salvation of our God.

4  Let all the earth send out a glad cry to the Lord; sounding with a loud voice, and praising him with songs of joy. 5  Make melody to the Lord with instruments of music; with a corded instrument and the voice of song. 6  With wind instruments and the sound of the horn, make a glad cry before the Lord, the King. 7  Let the sea be thundering, with all its waters; the world, and all who are living in it; 8  Let the streams make sounds of joy with their hands; let the mountains be glad together, 9  Before the Lord, for he has come as judge of the earth; judging the world in righteousness, and giving true decisions for the peoples.

The LORD's Faithfulness to Israel

99 1  The Lord is King; let the peoples be in fear: his seat is on the winged ones; let the earth be moved. 2  The Lord is great in Zion; he is high over all the nations. 3  Let them give praise to your name, for it is great and to be feared; holy is he. 4  The king's power is used for righteousness; you give true decisions, judging rightly in the land of Jacob. 5  Give high honour to the Lord our God, worshipping at his feet; holy is he.

6  Moses and Aaron among his priests, and Samuel among those who gave honour to his name; they made prayers to the Lord, and he gave answers to them. 7  His voice came to them from the pillar of cloud; they kept his witness, and the law which he gave them. 8  You gave them an answer, O Lord our God; you took away their sin, though you gave them punishment for their wrongdoing. 9  Give high honour to the Lord our God, worshipping with your faces turned to his holy hill; for the Lord our God is holy.

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