Psalm 82 Young’s Literal Translation

A Rebuke of Unjust Judgments

82 1  God hath stood in the company of God, In the midst God doth judge. 2  Till when do ye judge perversely? And the face of the wicked lift up? Selah. 3  Judge ye the weak and fatherless, The afflicted and the poor declare righteous. 4  Let the weak and needy escape, From the hand of the wicked deliver them. 5  They knew not, nor do they understand, In darkness they walk habitually, Moved are all the foundations of earth.

6  I—I have said, 'Gods ye 'are', And sons of the Most High—all of you, 7  But as man ye die, and as one of the heads ye fall, 8  Rise, O God, judge the earth, For Thou hast inheritance among all the nations!

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