Prayers for Family: Pray for Family Health, Protection, and More

Updated Jan 05, 2024
Prayers for Family: Pray for Family Health, Protection, and More

"...But as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.” (Joshua 24:15b)

Prayers for family are for Christians to seek God's guidance, protection, and blessings for their loved ones. These prayers are often used to strengthen family bonds, promote unity, and offer gratitude for the gift of family. Pray to God with these Christian prayers for your family:

Prayers for Your Family

  1. Prayer for Unity: "Heavenly Father, we come before you as a family, seeking your divine guidance. Help us to love and support one another, and may our family be a source of unity and strength. We ask for your blessings and grace to be upon us always."

  2. Prayer for Protection: "Lord, we pray for the safety and protection of our family members. Keep us safe from harm and lead us in the paths of righteousness. Shield us from any danger and guide us through life's challenges."

  3. Prayer for Gratitude: "Dear God, we thank you for the gift of family. We are grateful for the love and support we find in one another. May we never take our family for granted and always cherish the moments we have together."

  4. Prayer for Healing: "Heavenly Father, we lift up any family members who are going through difficult times, whether it be illness, emotional pain, or other challenges. We ask for your healing touch and comfort to be upon them."

  5. Prayer for Guidance: "Lord, we seek your wisdom and guidance as we make decisions that affect our family. Help us to make choices that honor you and are in the best interest of our loved ones."

  6. Prayer for Forgiveness: "God, we acknowledge that we are not perfect, and sometimes we hurt one another. Grant us the strength to forgive and seek forgiveness when we falter. Help us to practice love and forgiveness within our family."

  7. Prayer for Children: "Heavenly Father, we entrust our children to your care. Watch over them, protect them, and guide them in their growth and development. May they grow in faith and wisdom."

  8. Prayer for Peace: "Lord, grant our family the peace that surpasses all understanding. Help us to resolve conflicts with love and respect, and may our home be a place of harmony and serenity."

  9. Prayer for Strength: "Dear God, grant us the strength to face life's challenges together as a family. Let us lean on one another and find courage and resilience in times of trial."

  10. Prayer for Generations: "Lord, we pray for the generations of our family, past, present, and future. May the legacy of faith and love be carried forward, and may our family always be a source of your light in the world."

These prayers can be adapted and personalized to suit your family's specific needs and circumstances. They are meant to be a source of comfort, inspiration, and a way to express your faith in God and love for your family members as Christians.

Find more prayers for your family's protection, health, strength, and peace in the collection below:

Prayer for Family Protection

Prayer for Family Protection

Father God, we come before You today to ask for your protection over our families. Let no trouble fall on them today. Keep them away from accidents. Allow no evil to influence their hearts. Cover them with the precious blood of Christ. Take charge over them so that they do not strike their foot against a stone.

We may not be with our families all the time today, but I trust that You, Lord, are always with them. Keep them safe today and allow them to give glory to You further. Give them peace of mind so that they may not worry about anything. Guard their hearts so that they may only display love instead of hate, anger, or bitterness. Amen

Prayer for Family Guidance

Guide our way, Lord, as we go on with our lives today. Also, be our shield as we go back home later. May you always preserve the bond that we have as a family, and may we look forward to seeing each other once again at home. 

Guard our home as well, God, that no harm will fall on it as we are away. May it continue to be a sanctuary of blessing, comfort, and love for each one of us. Let it always be a restful place for our tired bodies at the end of the day. 

Continue to protect us, Lord, as we rest at night. Allow no intruders or calamities to disturb my home tonight. I trust in your mighty power to keep me and my family safe from any form of evil. In Your Name, I ask all these things, Amen.

Prayer for Family Healing

Prayer for Family Healing

Dear God, we commit to you those in our families who have fallen sick. We believe that you are our Healer, our Great Physician. May You be the comfort of our family members who are physically in pain right now. Touch them with Your Healing Hands, Lord. Send forth your Word and heal their diseases. Let Your healing power flow through every cell of their bodies.

Loving Father, we also ask that you heal the members of our families who are hurting emotionally. Their affliction is not physical, but we know that they are also in pain. Give them comfort as well, God. Give them the peace that transcends understanding. Heal their hearts, Lord, which may be full of anger, hatred, strife, bitterness, and unforgiveness. Clear their minds of any doubt, anxiety, or depression. Renew in them a peaceful spirit, Lord. Amen.

Prayer for Family Restoration

We also pray that You would restore the bonds that have been broken with some of our family members. We know, God, that there is nothing You would want more than feuding relatives to reconcile with each other. But we also admit, Lord, that we cannot do this on our own. For that, we ask Your Holy Spirit to surround us with Your love. May we be filled to the brim with love, that it may overflow and we may share it with our families. Allow us to be instruments of Your blessings to them. In due time, Lord, let our relationships also be restored. All these we pray in Your Name, Amen.

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Prayer for Family Strength

Prayer for Family Strength

Heavenly Father, You are our ultimate source of strength. When we are weak, You are strong. You lift us up when we are down. You renew our strength, and we soar on wings like eagles. Thank You, God, for always raising us up with Your mighty hands.

How strong our bonds are with our families depends on You, Lord. Which is why we ask You to always be the center of our family relationships. Enable our families to be as a triple-braided cord that cannot easily be broken. Let Your Spirit fill our hearts so we can love each other just as Christ loves us.

In our times of trials and troubles, God, we look to You. Life can hand us many different challenges that we know we cannot face on our own. But with You, Father God, we believe that nothing is impossible. We believe that You will always grant us the endurance to overcome any obstacle that may come our way. 

You are our strength when we are weak, God, and we are always grateful when You manifest Your power through our lives. All these we pray in Your Name, Amen.

Prayer for Family Peace

Prayer for Family Peace

Heavenly Father, thank You for renewing our hearts and minds. Thank You for sending Your Spirit to us that we may express Your love to our families. We are also grateful to You for giving us our loved ones. 

But we also admit, God, that we are not always the lovers of peace that You want us to be. There are times in our families when we fight and bicker with each other. There are times when we let anger, strife, and bitterness rule over our hearts and because of this, we end up hurting our families. We ask for You to forgive us, loving Father, for these sins against our own families. Change our hearts and make them truly loving.

Also enable us, Father God, to extend the same forgiveness to the members of our families whom we have hurt. Humble us, Lord, so that we may seek forgiveness without pride. We ask You to heal the wounds in their hearts as well. Touch their hearts that they may accept our pleas for forgiveness. Amen.

Thanking God for Family

We are very thankful, God, for the good times we have with our families. Thank You for allowing us to enjoy each other’s company. Thank You for giving us time to spend with them each day. 

Preserve our good relationships, Father, whenever we are with our beloved families. Let peace reign in our homes and let compassion fill each of our hearts. Teach us what it is to experience real joy and enable us to show each other what this means. 

Lord, You are our Prince of Peace and the One that guards our hearts. May You always remind us to be peacemakers, especially within our families. Protect us from hateful thoughts, and let us not be the reason for causing chaos in our homes. Guide us each day as we walk through life with our families, wherever each of us may be. All these we ask in Your Name, Amen.

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