Looking forward - Moments of Hope Devotional - July 31, 2019

Published Jul 11, 2019

Looking forward
by David Chadwick

Here is a tip if you want to be totally ineffective living this life. Don’t live in the future. Live in the past. Live in deep regrets. Live without hope.

You need to know there is some value in living in the past. You can learn from your mistakes. You can receive God’s forgiveness. You can change your present behavior because you live in the past.

But the past is a painful place in which to live if you stay there. It’s much wiser to live in the future. After all, the future will one day become your present.

You’re either looking backward or forward. How beautiful it is to look forward while also being content with the moment: the smile of your spouse, the hug of your kids, or the color in the sunset.

Rest assured: if you remain in the past, you can never affect your future! Only ineffective people live in the past.

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