An Overlooked Spiritual Weapon - Moments of Hope Devotional - October 10, 2019

An Overlooked Spiritual Weapon
By David Chadwick

The enemy’s attacks are relentless. He is incessantly looking for an opportune time to tempt you. He prowls around like a hungry lion, looking for someone to devour (1 Peter 5:8).

Therefore, you need every possible spiritual weapon to defeat him.

There’s one spiritual weapon that is often overlooked in the battle against the devil: singing praises to God.

In the Bible, God’s people are commanded 67 times to sing praises to God. It isn’t because God is a megalomaniac – needing your praise. Rather, he knows the spiritual power praise releases.

God wants you to know its power as you fight the enemy.

Remember when Paul and Silas were in prison (Acts 16)? They were chained to a wall with no hope of release. What did they start doing? They sang praises to God. Immediately, the walls shook and their chains were broken. The prison doors were opened and they escaped without hindrance.

Paul and Silas were set free from their predicament when they began to sing praises to God. The circumstances were horrible. Hopelessness surrounded them. But singing praises delivered them to victory.

The enemy recoils when you sing praises to God amid your problems. In seeing you do so, he says, “You mean that I can do all of that to you and you still sing praises to your God?”

Singing praises makes you focus on God, not your trials. The Lord will give you the strength to face all your problems with joy, not complaining. Praise unleashes the miraculous and strengthens your faith.

What are you going through today? Does it seem overwhelmingly hopeless? Try singing praises to God.

It’s an overlooked yet powerful spiritual weapon that God has given to his children.

And the enemy hates it when you use it.

Stand strong in the attack

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