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A Husband’s Reward for Honoring His Wife - Moments of Hope Devotional - July 7, 2019

Jul 07, 2019

A Husband’s Reward for Honoring His Wife
By David Chadwick

Husbands, you are told to honor your wife (1 Peter 3:7). As you do, there will be a reward for you: Your prayers will not be hindered.

Perhaps many of us as husbands have not experienced the reality of answered prayer because we have not yet learned how to honor our wives. Answered prayer and honoring our wives are inextricably connected.

Prayer is a powerful spiritual weapon. Jesus’ disciples noted the potency of prayer in his ministry. They observed the sick being healed, the demon-possessed being delivered, and numbers of lives changed by Jesus’ preaching about the Kingdom of God.

Jesus’ disciples concluded that his power source was his prayer life. That’s why they asked him to teach them how to pray (Luke 11:1). Above all else, they wanted power in their prayer lives.

Husbands, do you want power in your prayer life? If so, learn how to honor your wife. Make a commitment to value, esteem, and prize her every day and in every possible way. Lift her high above other earthly priorities.

As you do, your prayers will no longer be hindered.

And you should experience the power of God in prayer like never before.

Discover God’s path to a better marriage

A key to making your marriage the best it can be isn’t a secret. God commands spouses to give honor to one another – and blesses them for doing so!

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You’ll find humor, humility and a passion for Christ that will inspire you to love your spouse in new ways that:

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  • Deepen trust and the intimacy you long for
  • Connect you to God’s original and joy-filled intent for marriage

Both books are our way of saying thanks for your gift below to help share Jesus and the life-changing new perspective He gives.

Thank you so much for your support today – and may you find new reason for hope as He helps you improve your marriage!

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