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8th Century

8th Century

• 731--The "Venerable Bede" (c. 673-735) completes his Ecclesiastical History of the English People.

• Spain is invaded by the Moors, Moslems from North Africa; Charles Martel defeats them at the Battle of Tours in 732--a decisive juncture in Christian resistance to Moslem advance.

• Boniface of England is a missionary to the Germans for 40 years. Finally is murdered by pagans in 754.

• Iconoclastic controversy over the veneration of images divides the Byzantine Emperor and the Pope.

• Papacy asserts its earthly rule and establishes the papal states in Italy. Pope Leo III (d. 816) separates from the Eastern Empire and becomes supreme bishop in the West.

• Charlemagne becomes sole King of the Franks in 771; later is crowned "Holy Roman Emperor," establishing dream of a kingdom with a Christian king.

• Nestorian Christians in China develop missionary activities and build Christian monasteries.

• Schools for church music are established at Paris, Cologne, Soissin, and Metz.

• 781--Alcuin of York, England becomes advisor to Charlemagne and catalyzes the "Carolingian Renaissance."

• 793--The North Men invade Lindisfarne and invade Iona in 795.