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20th Century

May 21, 2010
20th Century

• World Wars pit nominally Christian nations of Europe against each other.

• Emergence of charismatic Christian sects.

• Rise of the ecumenical movement.

• Revision of the Roman Catholic liturgy.

• Missions reach virtually every region of the world.

• New translation methods put the Bible into the languages of 95% of mankind, but about 1,500 small tongues, representing 5% of mankind, lack scriptures.

• More Christians are said to have been martyred in the 20th century than in all earlier centuries combined.

• Decline of church attendance becomes marked in much of the Western world.

• Explosive growth of Chinese Christianity.

• Emergence and collapse of powerful atheistic states.

• Crises in Darwinism revive Christian attacks on evolutionary theory and development of scientific models from a Christian perspective.

• Rise of internet and mass media lead to wide dissemination of the gospel by new means.

• An overwhelming information explosion tends to bury truth.

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