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17th Century

May 21, 2010
17th Century

• The Protestant Reformation begun in the last century continues to affect the religious and political life of Europe.

• In England the Puritan Revolution removes King Charles and executes him while attempting to establish a Puritan Commonwealth.

• In France, the Protestant Huguenots rebel against King Louis XIII.

• 1618-1648 -- In central Europe, the Thirty Years' War brings destruction as Protestants and Catholics vie for power.

• England begins to establish colonies in North America, many with the purpose of spreading Christianity or establishing more Biblical Christian governments -- Jamestown begins in 1607, Pilgrims land in 1620, Massachusetts Bay Colony established by Puritans in 1630.

• "King James Version" translation of the English Bible released in 1611; will shape and mold the English language for over three centuries.

• 1633 - Galileo forced by the Inquisition to abjure Copernicus' theories. New scientific studies often pursued by men seeking to learn the ways of their Creator - Johann Kepler, Isaac Newton, Francis Bacon, Robert Boyle.

• 1634 -- the first Oberammergau Passion Play

• Classic works of Christian literature are written: 1667 - John Milton's Paradise Lost; 1670 - Blaise Pascal's Pensees; 1678 - John Bunyan's Pilgrim's Progress.

• "Enlightenment" writers question Christianity and seek to base knowledge on human reason--Leibnitz, Hobbes, and Descartes.


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