Birthdays on December 20

Samuel G. Green (1822 to 1905)
Leader of Every Important Project

Samuel G. Green was born in Falmouth, England. After pastoring Baptist churches from 1844-5 1, he taught at Rawdon College (1851-63); then became president of that college for the next 13 years. In 1876 he became the book editor of the Religious Tract Society of London, not retiring until 1899. Green was also a trustee of the John Rylands Library in Manchester, a vice-president of the British and Foreign Bible Society, and president of the Baptist Union of Portsmouth. He authored many books on the Bible, church history and related subjects. His most important works are Handbook to the Grammar of the Greek Testament and Handbook to the Hebrew of the Old Testament.

Martin Lloyd-Jones (1899 to 1981)
Calvinist Methodist
From Mending Bodies to Mending Souls

Martyn Lloyd-Jones was born in Cardiff, Wales. Becoming a medical doctor, he was brought to personal faith in Christ around 1924. A couple of years later, he turned from mending bodies to mending souls. His fruitful ministry at Westminster Chapel, beginning in 1938, resulted in the publication of many of his sermons.

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