Birthdays on December 9

John Milton (1608 to 1674)
Great despite his blindness.

John Milton was born in London. He grew up an Anglican, but later turned Presbyterian, and finally, Independent. Secular intellectuals speak highly of his poetry, but say little about his greatest works: Paradise Lost (1667), Paradise Regained (1671), and Samson Agonistes (1671).

G. Morgan Campbell (1863 to 1945)
Congregational Church
He led a dying church into action.

George Campbell Morgan was born in Gloucester, England. Having served several pastorates, Morgan became pastor of the Westminster Congregational Church in London in 1904. It was a dying church which, under his ministry, the Lord turned into one of the most active congregations by the time he left in 1917. Morgan authored more than 60 Bible commentaries and books of sermons, many of which are still in print today.


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