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Birthdays on November 28

John Ralston Clements (1868 to 1946)
5,000 words from one.

Birth of John Ralston Clements in Newry, Ireland. The Clements family came to America in 1870 and settled in Liberty, New York In 1885, John came to Binghamton, and it was there in the First Baptist Church on Chenango Street, during services conducted by Dwight L. Moody, the last week of 1886, that John was converted to Christ. During the next 60 years, Clements came in contact with nearly everyone involved with presenting the Gospel of Christ in the United States through sermon or song. Dr. Daniel B. Towner, the songleader for Moody's meeting in Binghamton, set the music to Clements' first hymn, "Man the Life-Boat," in 1893. Since then more than 70 other composers have set music to Clements' poetry, creating hymns such as "No Night There," "Somebody Did a Golden Deed," "Lord send us Forth," and "Service Is Our Watchword." In all, John R. Clements wrote the words to more than 5,000 hymns. When Dr. John A. Davis incorporated his Practical Bible Training School in Lestershire (now Johnson City), New York, December 7, 1900, John R. Clements was named president. He also directed Reuben A. Torrey's Montrose Bible Conference. Clements was responsible for the first building of the school, on Harrison Street.


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