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Birthdays on November 18

John Nelson Darby (1800 to 1882)
Plymouth Brethren
Scholar among the Brethren.

Birth of John Nelson Darby in London, into a prominent Anglo-Irish family. He gave up law studies, to be ordained a priest in the Church of Ireland. Assigned to a parish in the mountains of Wicklow, he lived in a peasant's cottage on a bog and displayed great energy in pastoral service, rarely returning home from his visits before midnight. Disturbed by the great discrepancy between the church of his day and what he found in the Bible, he gave up his position in 1827 and searched out God's will for ministry to the body of Christ. It was at a meeting in Dublin in 1828 that the Brethren movement had its beginning. His pamphlet The Nature and Unity of the Church of Christ, embodied the beliefs and practices of this developing Christian community. Today many basic teachings of evangelical ministries can be attributed to John N. Darby and the Brethren, especially his doctrines of the pre-tribulation rapture.

Russell Kelso Carter (1849 to 1928)
Christian and Missionary Alliance
He tried his hand at everything.

Birth of Russell Kelso Carter a Believer who accomplished an unusual number of projects in life. He was born in Baltimore, and died at Catonsville, Maryland-- and between these two events he was a successful chemistry professor, a sheep rancher, a minister, author, hymn writer, composer, and publisher. To top it off, he became a successful doctor. Our main interest in Carter are the words and music of "Standing on the Promises " among some 68 hymn tunes and 52 poems, most of them found in Hymns of the Christian Life, which he assisted Dr. A. B. Simpson compile for the Christian and Missionary Alliance.


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