Birthdays on November 1

Oliver Plunkett (1625 to 1681)
The man who would be the last.

Oliver Plunkett was born into an influential Anglo-Norman family at Loughcrew, near Oldcastle, Co Meath. Becoming a Catholic priest he returned to Ireland during a time of Oliver Cromwell's anti-Catholic laws. He was falsely accused of treason and became the last Catholic to be executed in England for his faith.

William Borden (1887 to 1913)
Congregational Church
Rich young man gave wealth for Christ.

Birth of William Borden, heir to a great fortune which he gave away, dedicating his life to missionary work for the Lord. A star at Yale University and an athletic hero the world over, he left it all to go to Islamic lands as a missionary. He never made it, dying of spinal menningitis in Egypt in transit to the field of his labors at just 25 years of age.


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