Birthdays on October 31

Chiang Kai-Shek (1887 to 1975)
A desperate situation, vow and prayer.

Chiang Kai-Shek was born in Chekiang Province and rose to power in China. The Generalissimo began reading the New Testament. An evangelical Chinese pastor urged him to make a decision and publicly acknowledge his faith in Christ. But Chiang would not be rushed. He began at that time to read the Old Testament. But God was working and would not be put off. Civil war broke out between a certain warlord and the Central government. During the fighting, Chiang was trapped by his enemies near Kaifeng, being almost completely surrounded. In this desperate situation, Chiang prayed for deliverance, pledging that he would publicly acknowledge Jesus Christ as his Lord after being delivered. God did answer that prayer by sending a heavy snow storm which was unusual at that time of year. The enemy forces could advance no nearer. In the meantime, reinforcements for Chiang came from Nanking by rail, thereby not only sparing his life, but turning certain defeat into victory. The leader of China then kept his promise, making an open declaration of faith at his baptism in the Fall of 1928.


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