Birthdays on October 8

John Clarke (1609 to 1676)
Rhode Island, thanks to John Clarke.

John Clarke was born in Westhope, England. Having become a Baptist clergyman, it was he who obtained the charter for Rhode Island and who he did so much (with Roger Williams) toward giving that little state its freedom-loving character.

Christian Frederick Swartz (1726 to 1798)
Confidence man.

Birth of Christian Frederick Swartz in Sonnenburg, Electorate of Brandenburg. He became a notable missionary to India, where he served for nearly fifty years, winning the confidence of the Hindus.

Robert Pierce (1914 to )
20/20 vision, wouldn't you say?

Robert Pierce was born in Dodge, Iowa. Ordained in 1940, he became a world missionary whose ministry took him to the Philippines, Korea and Japan. Compassion for the suffering he saw in Asia led him to found World Vision International, a world-wide relief agency (1950).


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