Birthdays on October 5

Thomas Godwin (1600 to 1680)
Congregational Church
Advisor to a regicide.

Thomas Godwin was born in Rollesby, England. As an outstanding Puritan, he was a principle advisor to Oliver Cromwell (who arranged the execution of King Charles I of England) and one of those who drafted the Savoy declaration of faith of the Congregationalists.

Jonathan Edwards (1703 to 1758)
Congregational Church
Most remarkable man of his generation.

Jonathan Edwards born. He was the most notable American philosopher, naturalist, theologian and preacher of his century.

Bernhard Bolzano (1781 to 1848)
Trying to Pin Down Infinity.

Bernhard Bolzano was born in Prague. He is to be remembered for attempting to formulate a mathematics of infinity, perhaps the first person to do so. Scripture cries out for some such theory and it is to be observed that Bolzano was also a Roman Catholic theologian. His valiant but faulty attempt was corrected by later mathematicians, some of whom also recognized the theological implications of their work.


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