Birthdays on September 23

Jeremy Collier (1650 to 1726)
Church of England
He refused the oath of allegiance and looked east.

Jeremy Collier was born. In 1713, he was consecrated bishop of the so-called non-jurors (English churchmen who refused to take an oath of allegience to William and Mary after James II abandoned his throne). He made unsuccesful efforts to unite with the Eastern Orthodox church.

William Holmes McGuffey (1800 to 1873)
His strong moral tone sold 123 million copies.

William Holmes McGuffey was born in western Pennsylvania. Raised on the Ohio frontier, he returned east to attend Washington College (now Washington and Jefferson College) and became a professor of languages at Miami University, Ohio. A clergyman and college president, Mcguffey became an advocate of public education. He compiled a series of six readers, known as the McGuffey Readers, which sold perhaps as many as 120 million copies. These books had a strong bearing on the intergrity of a generation, owing to the strong moral tone of selections.

William D. Hyde (1858 to 1917)
He hymned creation's Lord.

William D. Hyde was born at Winchendon, Massachusetts. He became a clergyman and educator, but also the author of hymns, such as "Creation's Lord, We Give Thee Thanks."


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