Birthdays on September 18

Gilbert Burnet (1643 to 1715)
Church of England
This outspoken moderate cared for impoverished pastors.

Gilbert Burnet was born in Edinburgh, Scotland. He pastored in Scotland, taught at the University of Glasgow and became chaplain to the English rulers William and Mary. As Bishop of Salisbury, he was a model of zeal and activity. Outspoken against Catholicism, Burnet was nontheless moderate in his treatment of dissenters and other opponents. His personal character was so high that the dying Earl of Rochester, who had lived a profligate life, called him to his bedside for spiritual counsel. Burnett helped inaugerate the ecclesiastical provision known as Queen Anne's Bounty which was designed to augment the income of the poorer Anglican clergy. He wrote several books which were highly regarded in their day, including a History of the Reformation in England.

Oliver Holden (1765 to 1844)
Congregational Church
A Puritan's property values.

Oliver Holden was born in Boston. In Charlestown, Massachusetts, he became a carpenter. After acquiring property, he began dealing in real estate. He built a Puritan church and became its pastor. His love for music led him to publish several hymn books and towrite music. We sing "All Hail the Power of Jesus' Name" to a tune he wrote.

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