Birthdays on September 15

Samuel Horsley (1733 to 1815)
Church of England
Attacks on the incarnation brought him out swinging.

Samuel Horsley, who was born this day, became an English bishop and is notable for having edited Isaac Newton's works and duelled with Joseph Priestly, the Unitarian scientist, over the incarnation of Christ.

Adam Geibel (1885 to 1933)
Nearly-blind businessman remembered for hymn tune.

Adam Geibel was born in Baden, Germany. An improperly treated eye infection left him nearly blind from age eight. However, he studied music and became a church organist, conductor and prolific composer. He formed his own publishing company which later merged with the Rodeheaver Hall-Mack Company. Geibel was especially gifted in writing music for men's voices. Of his many original tunes, one of the most popular is that to which we sing "Stand up, Stand up for Jesus."


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