Birthdays on September 13

Catherine Winkworth (1827 to 1878)
German songs, English words.

Catherine Winkworth was born in London. An activist in the social and educational issues of her day, she was a pioneer in the higher education of women. She translated several German hymns into English, including "Praise Ye the Lord, the Almighty, the King of Creation." She published two books on German music and the Chorale Book for England.

Louis Marie O. Duchesne (1843 to 1922)
Making early church history a science.

Louis Marie O. Duchesne was born in St. Servan, France. He became a pioneer in applying archaeological, topographical, liturgical, theological and social studies to early church history. The best-known works of this Roman Catholic scholar are Christian Worship, Its Origin and Evolution and Early History of the Christian Church from its Foundation to the End of the Third Century.


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