Birthdays on September 9

Thomas Coke (1747 to 1814)
Born in Wales, He Died at Sea.

Thomas Coke was born in Brecon, Wales. Ordained into the Anglican Church in 1770, he joined the emerging Methodist movement seven years later. In 1784 he was consecrated by founder John Wesley as superintendant for American. His death came at sea in 1814 as he sailed to do missionary work in India.

Richard Trench (1807 to 1886)
Student of the Words of Our Lord.

Birth of Richard Trench. At age 32 he published Notes on the Parables of the Lord and at 38, Notes on the Miracles of the Lord. In 1854 he published Synonyms of the New Testament. All of theseworks, showing deep scholarshup, have been of aid to subsequent Bible scholars.

Harry Rimmer (1890 to 1952)
Converted on the Way Home from a Fight.

Harry Rimmer was born in San Francisco into a very poor family abandoned by their step-father. He began working at an early age. An avid desire for education led him to join the Coast Artillery so he would be assured of a living while he attended evening classes. He read voraciously in his spare time and began auditing classes at a medical college. He took up boxing to help earn the money to finance his education through medical school. On the way home from a New Years' Eve fight, he stopped to listen to a young medical student who was conducting a street ministry in San Francisco. Rimmer came under deep conviction for sin and became a new creation in Christ. The upshot was he became a evangelist with a scientific and humorous bent, leading many to Christ.


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