Birthdays on September 7

Johann Schutz (1640 to 1690)
The Lawyer Turned Pietist.

Birth of Johann Schutz, who became a lawyer in his native Germany and closely allied himself with the Pietist movement as a friend of Joseph Spener, its founder. Schutz wrote a number of publications and hymns, including, "Sing Praise to God Who Reigns Above."

Samuel Johnson (1709 to 1784)
Church of England
His Vast Vocabulary Included Christian Words.

Samuel Johnson was born in Litchfield, England. After some writing and publishing, he achieved the notable success of creating a monumental English language dictionary with examples of word use. This was not the first English-language dictionary, as we are often told: a clergyman by the name of Bailey had produced an earlier dictionary which Johnson on which Johnson collated his words. Johnson was a faithful Anglican, a man of profound charity, and a pious writer. He seems never to have been assured of his salvation although deeply aware of his need for redemption through Christ. After his death in 1784, his Prayers and Meditations were published, revealing a continual soul-searhcing.

Nelson Allen (1812 to 1877)
Music for "Must Jesus Bear the Cross Alone?"

Nelson Allen was born at Mansfield, Ohio. After graduating from Oberlin College in 1838, Allen taught music there until his retirement. He composed the music for several hymns, including, "Must Jesus Bear the Cross Alone?"

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