Birthdays on September 6

Henry Melchior Muhlenberg (1711 to 1787)
His Strength and Zeal Organized American Lutherans.

Henry Melchior Muhlenberg was born in Einbeck, Germany. He received theological training at Gottingen and Halle. In 1742, he was sent to america to organize struggling Lutheran congregations in Pennsylvania. Muhlenberg was a man of immense physical strength and high organizational ability. He was also an expert linguist and a tireless traveler. Filled with evangelistic zeal, he ministered in the Philadelphia area from 1742-1779, organizing the Evangelical Ministerium of Pennsylvania and Adjacent States in 1748.

Samuel H. Kellogg (1839 to 1899)
He Presented the Gospel in Hindi.

Samuel H. Kellogg was born at Quogue, New York. Ordained in 1864 he soon sailed to India where he studied Hindi dialects and taught at a Presbyterian Theological School. He published A Grammar of the Hindi Language and Dialects. Following the death of his wife, Kellogg returned to the United States in 1876 pastoring there and in Toronto for several years before again returning to India to help revise the Hindi translation of the Old Testament. He died in India.


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