Birthdays on August 30

Edmond Louis Budry (1854 to 1932)
Swiss Chorales in French Hymnals.

Birth of Edmond Louis Budry who became a Swiss pastor and wrote the words of over fifty chorales, many of which appeared in French hymnals.

Nathaniel (Nate) Saint (1923 to 1956)
Jungle Pilot.

Nathaniel (Nate) Saint was born this day. A "jungle pilot" he was one of those martyred by the Aucas in Ecuador on January 8, 1956. Just two years earlier, Nate had perfected the bucket drop for delivering emergency supplies to missionaries.

George Frederick Root (1820 to 1895)
Piano Prodigy.

George Frederick Root was born on a farm in Sheffield, Massachusetts. As a child he was fond of playing music on any kind of instrument he could find. With his father and older brother in South American at the time, George was expected to run the farm. However, he had an offer in Boston to work for Mr. A.N. Johnson in exchange for $3.00 a week, room, board, and piano lessons. The neighbors told him to take the job, they would help with the chores around the farm. George took up his new duties Oct. 2, 1838. In just seven weeks, seventeen-year old George had become so proficient on the piano that his employer had him playing church services. Then Johnson began turning over music students to him! He rapidly progressed and when he met Fanny Crosby, wrote gospel music for her. Among his tunes are those to which we sing "When He Cometh," "Ring the Bells of Heaven," "There Is a Land of Pure Delight!" and "Why Do You Wait, Dear Brother?"

Ambrose Serle (1742 to 1812)
Dark and Bending Lines

Ambrose Serle was born in Great Britain. Becoming a pastor, he wrote a wonderful article against quarrels among Christians, showing the logic of peacemaking. One of his hymns begins: "Thy ways, 0 Lord, with wise design/ Are framed upon Thy throne above/ And every dark and bending line/ Meets in the center of Thy love." His theology was Christ-centered: "Outward duties are well in their place, but they have no divine life in themselves, and can give none to thee. They are to be performed, but not trusted in; to be used with grace, but not to buy grace...O my soul; thy first and last trust must be in Jesus."


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