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Birthdays on August 29

Andrew Alexander Bonar (1810 to 1892)
Well-Known Theologian.

Andrew Alexander Bonar born. This Scottish minister was a well-known theologian, brother to Horatio, the hymnwriter, and a friend of Robert Murray McCheyne.

Lois Ellen Bohn (1914 to 1996)
Forty-Eight Years of Chili.

Birth of Lois Ellen Bohn. She became a missionary of forty-eight years in Chili under the Gospel Mission of South America. At one time she was responsible for overseeing thirty rural grade schools.

Charles Finney (1792 to 1875)
Lawyer Turned Innovative Evangelist.

Charles G. Finney was born in Warren, Connecticut. As a young lawyer, he became a notable revival leader after his conversion in his early twenties, famed for his innovative, high pressure techniques.

F(rederick) D(enison) Maurice (1805 to 1872)
Founder of the "Apostles."

F. D. Maurice was born. He became a notable Christian socialist in his native England, and a leader of the group known as the "Apostles."

John Locke (1632 to 1705)
Church of England
Did the Greatest 18th-Century Philosopher Believe?

John Locke was born at Wrington, Somerset, England. He became one of the most notable philosophers of history, so that all modern philosophy has been described as an answer to Locke. He claimed to be a Christian, wrote books on the faith, and resisted the Deists. He did not accept the inspiration of all parts of Paul's letters, however.


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