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Birthdays on August 22

Edward B. Pusey (1800 to 1922)
Church of England
Pusey Didn't Make the Break.

Edward B. Pusey was born in Pusey, England. Ordained in the Anglican Church in 1928, he became a noted Hebrew and Biblical scholar. In 1833, he formally marked his identification with the Oxford Movement (a reform movement within the Anglican church), by writing some of the Tracts for the Times. He became leader of the reform movement after others converted to Catholicism. Pusey himself called for reunification with the Catholic church, but the establishment of the doctrine of papal infallibility ended any chance of that happening in the 1870s.

William Hayman Cummings (1831 to 1915)
Interpreting Bach, Adapting Mendelssohn.

William Hayman Cummings was born in Devonshire, England. An accomplished vocalist, he toured the British Isles singing, and was especially skilled at singing Bach's music written for the passion of Christ. In 1855 he adapted a theme from Mendelssohn as the tune to which we sing "Hark, the Herald Angels Sing."


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