Birthdays on August 1

Francis Scott Key (1779 to 1843)
He Wrote America's National Anthem.

Francis Scott Key was born at Pipes Creek, Maryland. A devout Christian and dedicated lawyer, Key became notable after he wrote the "Star Spangled Banner," while restricted to a British ship during the bombardment of an American Fort. Key wrote other hymns and worked with the American Sunday School Union.

William Sunday (1834 to )
He Commented on the New Testament.

Birth of William Sunday. Ordained in 1869, he was a renowned New Testament scholar taught at the universities of Durham and Oxford. He co-authored a commentary on Romans for the International Critical Commentary series.

Alfreda Enders (1920 to )
She Led Her Husband-to-Be to Christ while He Was in Prison.

Alfreda Enders was born in a Pennsylvanian Dutch community near Jersey Shore. At age 17 she gave her life to the Lord Jesus Christ. Attending a young people's Bible conference not far from her home, she felt the urging of the Lord to prepare for a life of service. Attending the Practical Bible Training School in Johnson City, NY, she met her new roommate, Edna Martin, who had a picture of her brother on her dresser, and together the two prayed for his salvation. He was incarcerated in Virginia. In time, Alfreda wrote letters to Edna's younger brother, each of which he answered. But more than that, Alfreda always included the plan of salvation, and asked him to look up the Bible verses, which he always did. The brother began to change. Once he had been a ringleader in prison trouble. But now his attitude toward authority began to change for the better. In fact, he was converted. His new birth into spiritual life was so marked that he received a full pardon from the state's governor. Ed Martin met Alfreda Enders after his release , they were married and served as missionaries to Japan. When they had to return to the US, Ed founded Hope Aglo, a prison ministry.


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