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Birthdays on July 29

Thomas Obadiah Chisolm (1866 to 1960)
Unsettled but Sure of His God.

Thomas Obediah Chisolm was born in Simpson County Kentucky. He served in many careers, including a brief stint as a Methodist minister. In his lifetime, he wrote more than 1,200 religious poems. Three became popular hymns: "Oh, To Be Like Thee," "Great Is Thy Faithfulness," and "Living for Jesus."

Dag Hammerskjold (1905 to 1961)
U.N. Secretary Marked by God.

Dag Hammerskjold was born in Jonkoping, Sweden. He gained international prominence during his eight years as Secretary-general of the United Nations. He died in a plane crash widely believed to be the result of Communist sabotage. Three years after this crash, his journal was published under the title Markings. This revealed his personal Christian faith.


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