Birthdays on June 30

John the Constant (1468 to 1532)
He resisted compromise.

John the Constant was born at Meissen, Germany. The elector of Saxony, he declared in favor of the Reformation when he was 56. He was called the constant for his refusal to compromise on religious issues. A leader of the princes who protested the measures taken by the Catholic-dominated Diet of Spires of 1529 (thus becoming one of the first to be named a Protestant"). He signed the Augsburg (Lutheran) Confession and helped organize the Protestant Schmalkaldic League.

Harry Strachen (1872 to 1945)
Founder of a Latin American mission.

Birth of Harry Strachen, founder of the Latin America Mission. He and his wife Susan first named their mission the Latin America Evangelization Campaign when founding it in Stonybrook, NY.


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