Birthdays on May 26

Nicholas Zinzendorf (1700 to 1760)
His Grandma's Faith Made an Impact on Him.

Nicholas Zinzendorf was born of Austrian nobility. His father died shortly after his birth, and he was raised by his grandmother, a strong supporter of the Lutheran reform movement known as Pietism. At age six, Nicholas became aware of Christ's love, and devoted his life to the Savior. Delivering the valedictory at his school, he spoke on the unity of Christian believers. This was fitting, for he would later invite persecuted believers of many backgrounds to settle on his large estate. The community became known as Herrnhut. Because of their diverse backgrounds the people bickered. Zinzendorf intervened, the spirit was poured out and a new unity resulted. Out of it came the first Protestant mission movement supported by a powerful prayer partnership.

Shailer Mathews (1863 to 1941)
Shailer Shone Among the Baptists.

Shailer Mathews was born in Portland, Oregon. In 1894 he began a long association with the University of Chicago. As a notable American Baptist educator, he co-authored the Dictionary of Religion and Ethics.

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