Birthdays on May 22

William Reed Newell (1868 to 1956)
Bible Teacher under Moody and Torrey.

Birth of William Reed Newell, pastor and devotional writer, in Savannah, Ohio. In 1895, Dwight. L. Moody invited him to join the faculty of the Moody Bible Institute under Dr. R. A. Torrey. In this position Newell demonstrated his extraordinary gift of Bible exposition. Great audiences in Chicago, St. Louis and Toronto flocked to attend his weekly city-wide, interdenominational Bible classes. This led to the publication of his well-known commentaries, especially Romans, Verse-By-Verse; Hebrews, Verse-By-Verse; and The Book of The Revelation. During this period Newell wrote the beloved hymn "At Calvary." Few men have had a clearer grasp of the magnitude of God's grace in Christ, and few have been able to convey it with such lasting results.


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