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Birthdays on May 5

Johann Friedrich (1836 to 1917)
Old Catholic
Excommunicated for Denying Popes Infallibility.

Birth of Johann Friedrich in Germany. A theologian and professor of church history, he was excommunicated in 1871 by the Roman Church for refusing to accept the doctrine of papal infallibility. Consequently, he became a leader in the Old Catholic movement which did not accept this tradition either. The scholarly Friedrich helped form the Old Catholic Theological Faculty at the University of Berne.

Sophia Anna Ohm (1884 to )
This Mamma Wouldn't Give up.

Birth of Sophia Anna Ohm at Niagara Falls, N.Y. She married John Ruhlman, a dashing young butcher with a good business and fine home. Soon after she was married, she had a definite conversion experience and learned to commit her way fully to the Lord. Her husband, however, became an alcoholic. He lost his business and home, and they had to move to the lower section of town, "across the tracks." Here the dedicated wife held her family together, and prayed daily for her husband's conversion. The circumstances of his conversion were amazing; but what followed was even more amazing. God took that former drunkard and made a Gospel preacher out of him. Nearly every one of his children went into the Lord's work and have been mightily used of God.


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