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Birthdays on April 22

Jack Wyrtzen (1913 to 1996)
Bandleader Tore up a Gospel of John.

Jack Wyrtzen was born at Long Island, N.Y. As a child he attended a Unitarian Sunday School, and learned the children's song, "Jesus Loves Me, This I Know". . . then he became a Methodist ... a Presbyterian ... and at the time of his conversion he was attending a Baptist Church-- he was religious, and thought he had all the religion he needed! The young man had a good job selling insurance and operated his own dance band. Also he had a lovely, socially-prominent girl friend, Marge Smith. Marge was converted at Pinebrook Bible Camp. Jack was also a member of the National Guard band, and, during one two-week training program at camp, one of his companions gave him a Gospel of John, which he tore up and threw away, then he gave Jack another ... which Jack read, and was converted! He became the founder of Word of Life ministries.


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