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Birthdays on March 23

M. R. DeHaan (1891 to 1965)
Reform Church
From Physician to Pastor to Radio Evangelist.

Birth of M. R. DeHaan in Zeeland, Michigan. When he was about twelve, a woman evangelist stood on a buckboard wagon in his home town and proclaimed the gospel to a street full of scoffing churchgoers. Feeling he was the worst sinner in town, M. R. DeHaan wanted to be saved, but told no one. He graduated valedictorian of his medical class, becoming a well-known and successful physician. He became desperately ill and while struggling for his life in a hospital bed, made peace with Christ at age 31. He felt compelled to give up medicine and enter the Gospel ministry. He pastored several churches in the Grand Rapids area, then the door of radio opened for Dr. De Haan and it soon became evident that God through His Spirit was beginning this life-transforming ministry, which he carried on for 27 years. He founded the Radio Bible Class.


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