Birthdays on January 21

Edward Mote (1797 to 1874)
He Named Gospel Songs

Edward Mote was born in London. A cabinet maker he became one of Lady Huntingdon's ministers, but later switched to the Baptist church. During the last 22 years of his earthly life, he wrote over 100 hymns and published several collections of hymns. It was Mote who first used the term "Gospel Songs." His best known hymn is "The Solid Rock."

Julia Henrietta Johnston (1849 to 1919)
Julia's Marvelous Grace

Julia Harriette Johnston, was born in Salineville, Ohio. At age six, her family moved to Peoria, Illinos, where she spent most of her life. Her father was a Presybterian minister, and Julia served 41 years as superintendent of the children's department of the Sunday School; and was president of the Presbyterian Missionary Society of Peoria, which her mother had founded. For a number of years she wrote the Primary Lessons for David C. Cook, publishers. She authored some 500 hymns, but her best work was the hymn "Marvelous Grace of Our Loving Lord."

William Marion Runyan (1870 to 1957)
Hymning God's Faithfulness

William Marion Runyon, was born in Marion, N.Y. He was associated with John Brown University, and later became editor of Christian Workers' Magazine, forerunner of Moody Monthy. He is best remembered for the music to "Great Is Thy Faithfulness."


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