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Birthdays on January 2

Rachel Saint (1914 to )
Martyr's Sister

Rachel Saint was born at Jenkintown, Pennsylvania, missionary to the so-called Auca Indians of Equador. A member of Wycliffe Bible Translators, Rachel had a part in the conversion of Dayuma, the first Auca Indian converted to Christ. Rachel's brother, Nate Saint, was one of the five men martyred by the Indians in 1956.

William H. G. Thomas (1861 to 1924)
Church of England
Preachers' Preacher

William Henry Griffith Thomas was born at Oswestry, Shropshire, England. Forced by economic circumstances to leave school at age 14, he attained his education by diligent study and sacrifice. At age 16 he was asked to teach a Sunday School class. For four months he did his best, but realized that he could not teach something he himself had not experienced. God used two young men of the church to bring him to Christ on March 23, 1878. Given opportunities for promotion within the Anglican church, he quickly rose from one position to another, until he was called to pastor at St. Paul's Church, Portman Square. Soon the church had six prayer meetings a week, plus many clubs and societies. However, Griffith Thomas emphasized the study of the Word. Spiritual growth followed within his church. In 1910 he moved with his family to Toronto, and from there to Philadelphia. He helped found Dallas Theological Seminary. He became famous for his advice to young preachers: "Think yourself empty, read yourself full, write yourself clear, pray yourself keen--then, enter the pulpit and let yourself go!"


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