Thanksgiving for God's Justice

91 I confess, O Jehovah, with all my heart, I recount all Thy wonders, 2 I rejoice and exult in Thee, I praise Thy Name, O Most High. 3 In mine enemies turning backward, they stumble and perish from Thy face. 4 For Thou hast done my judgment and my right. Thou hast sat on a throne, A judge of righteousness. 5 Thou hast rebuked nations, Thou hast destroyed the wicked, Their name Thou hast blotted out to the age and for ever. 6 O thou Enemy, Finished have been destructions for ever, As to cities thou hast plucked up, Perished hath their memorial with them. 7 And Jehovah to the age abideth, He is preparing for judgment His throne. 8 And He judgeth the world in righteousness, He judgeth the peoples in uprightness. 9 And Jehovah is a tower for the bruised, A tower for times of adversity. 10 They trust in Thee who do know Thy name, For Thou hast not forsaken Those seeking Thee, O Jehovah.

11 Sing ye praise to Jehovah, inhabiting Zion, Declare ye among the peoples His acts, 12 For He who is seeking for blood Them hath remembered, He hath not forgotten the cry of the afflicted. 13 Favour me, O Jehovah, See mine affliction by those hating me, Thou who liftest me up from the gates of death, 14 So that I recount all Thy praise, In the gates of the daughter of Zion. I rejoice on Thy salvation. 15 Sunk have nations in a pit they made, In a net that they hid hath their foot been captured. 16 Jehovah hath been known, Judgment He hath done, By a work of his hands Hath the wicked been snared. Meditation. Selah. 17 The wicked do turn back to Sheol, All nations forgetting God. 18 For not for ever is the needy forgotten, The hope of the humble lost to the age. 19 Rise, O Jehovah, let not man be strong, Let nations be judged before Thy face. 20 Appoint, O Jehovah, a director to them, Let nations know they 'are' men! Selah.

A Prayer for the Overthrow of the Wicked

101 Why, Jehovah, dost Thou stand at a distance? Thou dost hide in times of adversity, 2 Through the pride of the wicked, Is the poor inflamed, They are caught in devices that they devised. 3 Because the wicked hath boasted Of the desire of his soul, And a dishonest gainer he hath blessed, He hath despised Jehovah. 4 The wicked according to the height of his face, inquireth not. 'God is not!' 'are' all his devices. 5 Pain do his ways at all times, On high 'are' Thy judgments before him, All his adversaries—he puffeth at them. 6 He hath said in his heart, 'I am not moved,' To generation and generation not in evil. 7 Of oaths his mouth is full, And deceits, and fraud: Under his tongue 'is' perverseness and iniquity, 8 He doth sit in an ambush of the villages, In secret places he doth slay the innocent. His eyes for the afflicted watch secretly, 9 He lieth in wait in a secret place, as a lion in a covert. He lieth in wait to catch the poor, He catcheth the poor, drawing him into his net. 10 He is bruised—he boweth down, Fallen by his mighty ones hath the afflicted. 11 He said in his heart, 'God hath forgotten, He hath hid His face, He hath never seen.'

12 Arise, O Jehovah! O God, lift up Thy hand! Forget not the humble. 13 Wherefore hath the wicked despised God? He hath said in his heart, 'It is not required.' 14 Thou hast seen, For Thou perverseness and anger beholdest; By giving into Thy hand, On Thee doth the afflicted leave 'it', Of the fatherless Thou hast been an helper. 15 Break the arm of the wicked and the evil, Seek out his wickedness, find none; 16 Jehovah 'is' king to the age, and for ever, The nations have perished out of His land! 17 The desire of the humble Thou hast heard, O Jehovah. Thou preparest their heart; Thou causest Thine ear to attend, 18 To judge the fatherless and bruised: He addeth no more to oppress—man of the earth!

The Refuge of the Upright

111 To the Overseer.—By David. In Jehovah I trusted, how say ye to my soul, 'They moved 'to' Thy mountain for the bird? 2 For lo, the wicked tread a bow, They have prepared their arrow on the string, To shoot in darkness at the upright in heart. 3 When the foundations are destroyed, The righteous—what hath he done?

4 'Jehovah 'is' in his holy temple: Jehovah—in the heavens 'is' His throne. His eyes see—His eyelids try the sons of men. 5 Jehovah the righteous doth try. And the wicked and the lover of violence, Hath His soul hated, 6 He poureth on the wicked snares, fire, and brimstone, And a horrible wind 'is' the portion of their cup. 7 For righteous 'is' Jehovah, Righteousness He hath loved, The upright doth His countenance see!'

A Prayer for Help against the Wicked

121 Save, Jehovah, for the saintly hath failed, For the stedfast have ceased From the sons of men: 2 Vanity they speak each with his neighbour, Lip of flattery! With heart and heart they speak. 3 Jehovah doth cut off all lips of flattery, A tongue speaking great things, 4 Who said, 'By our tongue we do mightily: Our lips 'are' our own; who 'is' lord over us?' 5 Because of the spoiling of the poor, Because of the groaning of the needy, Now do I arise, saith Jehovah, I set in safety 'him who' doth breathe for it. 6 Sayings of Jehovah 'are' pure sayings; Silver tried in a furnace of earth refined sevenfold. 7 Thou, O Jehovah, dost preserve them, Thou keepest us from this generation to the age. 8 Around the wicked walk continually, According as vileness is exalted by sons of men!

A Prayer for Help in Trouble

131 Till when, O Jehovah, Dost Thou forget me?—for ever? Till when dost Thou hide Thy face from me? 2 Till when do I set counsels in my soul? Sorrow inn my heart daily? Till when is mine enemy exalted over me? 3 Look attentively; Answer me, O Jehovah, my God, Enlighten mine eyes, lest I sleep in death, 4 Lest mine enemy say, 'I overcame him,' Mine adversaries joy when I am moved. 5 And I, in Thy kindness I have trusted, Rejoice doth my heart in Thy salvation. 6 I do sing to Jehovah, For He hath conferred benefits upon me!

The Folly and Wickedness of Men

141 To the Overseer.—By David. A fool hath said in his heart, 'God is not;' They have done corruptly, They have done abominable actions, There is not a doer of good. 2 Jehovah from the heavens Hath looked on the sons of men, To see if there is a wise one—seeking God. 3 The whole have turned aside, Together they have been filthy: There is not a doer of good, not even one.

4 Have all working iniquity not known? Those consuming my people have eaten bread, Jehovah they have not called. 5 There they have feared a fear, For God 'is' in the generation of the righteous. 6 The counsel of the poor ye cause to stink, Because Jehovah 'is' his refuge. 7 'Who doth give from Zion the salvation of Israel? When Jehovah doth turn back 'To' a captivity of His people, Jacob doth rejoice—Israel is glad!

The Inhabitants of God's Holy Hill

151 Jehovah, who doth sojourn in Thy tent? Who doth dwell in Thy holy hill? 2 He who is walking uprightly, And working righteousness, And speaking truth in his heart. 3 He hath not slandered by his tongue, He hath not done to his friend evil; And reproach he hath not lifted up Against his neighbour. 4 Despised in his eyes 'is' a rejected one, And those fearing Jehovah he doth honour. He hath sworn to suffer evil, and changeth not; 5 His silver he hath not given in usury, And a bribe against the innocent Hath not taken; Whoso is doing these is not moved to the age!

A Goodly Heritage

161 A Secret Treasure of David. Preserve me, O God, for I did trust in Thee. 2 Thou hast said to Jehovah, 'My Lord Thou 'art';' My good 'is' not for thine own sake; 3 For the holy ones who 'are' in the land, And the honourable, all my delight 'is' in them. 4 Multiplied are their griefs, 'Who' have hastened backward; I pour not out their libations of blood, Nor do I take up their names on my lips. 5 Jehovah 'is' the portion of my share, and of my cup, Thou—Thou dost uphold my lot. 6 Lines have fallen to me in pleasant places, Yea, a beauteous inheritance 'is' for me. 7 I bless Jehovah who hath counselled me; Also 'in' the nights my reins instruct me.

8 I did place Jehovah before me continually, Because—at my right hand I am not moved. 9 Therefore hath my heart been glad, And my honour doth rejoice, Also my flesh dwelleth confidently: 10 For Thou dost not leave my soul to Sheol, Nor givest thy saintly one to see corruption. 11 Thou causest me to know the path of life; Fulness of joys 'is' with Thy presence, Pleasant things by Thy right hand for ever!