An Appeal to God against the Enemy

741 An Instruction of Asaph. Why, O God, hast Thou cast off for ever? Thine anger smoketh against the flock of Thy pasture. 2 Remember Thy company. Thou didst purchase of old, Thou didst redeem the rod of Thy inheritance, This mount Zion—Thou didst dwell in it. 3 Lift up Thy steps to the perpetual desolations, Everything the enemy did wickedly in the sanctuary. 4 Roared have thine adversaries, In the midst of Thy meeting-places, They have set their ensigns as ensigns. 5 He is known as one bringing in on high Against a thicket of wood—axes. 6 And now, its carvings together With axe and hatchet they break down, 7 They have sent into fire Thy sanctuary, to the earth they polluted the tabernacle of Thy name, 8 They said in their hearts, 'Let us oppress them together,' They did burn all the meeting-places of God in the land. 9 Our ensigns we have not seen, There is no more a prophet, Nor with us is one knowing how long. 10 Till when, O God, doth an adversary reproach? Doth an enemy despise thy name for ever? 11 Why dost Thou turn back Thy hand, Even Thy right hand? From the midst of Thy bosom remove 'it'.

12 And God 'is' my king of old, Working salvation in the midst of the earth. 13 Thou hast broken by Thy strength a sea-'monster', Thou hast shivered Heads of dragons by the waters, 14 Thou hast broken the heads of leviathan, Thou makest him food, For the people of the dry places. 15 Thou hast cleaved a fountain and a stream, Thou hast dried up perennial flowings. 16 Thine 'is' the day, also Thine 'is' the night, Thou hast prepared a light giver—the sun. 17 Thou hast set up all the borders of earth, Summer and winter Thou hast formed them.

18 Remember this—an enemy reproached Jehovah, And a foolish people have despised Thy name. 19 Give not up to a company, The soul of Thy turtle-dove, The company of Thy poor ones forget not for ever. 20 Look attentively to the covenant, For the dark places of earth, Have been full of habitations of violence. 21 Let not the oppressed turn back ashamed, Let the poor and needy praise Thy name, 22 Arise, O God, plead Thy plea, Remember Thy reproach from a fool all the day. 23 Forget not the voice of Thine adversaries, The noise of Thy withstanders is going up continually!

God Abases the Wicked and Exalts the Righteous

751 We have given thanks to Thee, O God, We have given thanks, and near 'is' Thy name, They have recounted Thy wonders. 2 When I receive an appointment, I—I do judge uprightly. 3 Melted is the earth and all its inhabitants, I—I have pondered its pillars. Selah. 4 I have said to the boastful, 'Be not boastful,' And to the wicked, 'Raise not up a horn.' 5 Raise not up on high your horn, (Ye speak with a stiff neck.)

6 For not from the east, or from the west, Nor from the wilderness—'is' elevation. 7 But God 'is' judge, This He maketh low—and this He lifteth up. 8 For a cup 'is' in the hand of Jehovah, And the wine hath foamed, It is full of mixture, and He poureth out of it, Only its dregs wring out, and drink, Do all the wicked of the earth, 9 And I—I declare 'it' to the age, I sing praise to the God of Jacob. 10 And all horns of the wicked I cut off, Exalted are the horns of the righteous!

The God of Victory and Judgment

761 In Judah 'is' God known, in Israel His name 'is' great. 2 And His tabernacle is in Salem, And His habitation in Zion. 3 There he hath shivered arrows of a bow, Shield, and sword, and battle. Selah. 4 Bright 'art' Thou, honourable above hills of prey. 5 Spoiled themselves have the mighty of heart, They have slept their sleep, And none of the men of might found their hands. 6 From Thy rebuke, O God of Jacob, Both rider and horse have been fast asleep.

7 Thou, fearful 'art' Thou, And who doth stand before Thee, Since Thou hast been angry! 8 From heaven Thou hast sounded judgment, Earth hath feared, and hath been still, 9 In the rising of God to judgment, To save all the humble of earth. Selah. 10 For the fierceness of man praiseth Thee, The remnant of fierceness Thou girdest on. 11 Vow and complete to Jehovah your God, All ye surrounding him. They bring presents to the Fearful One. 12 He doth gather the spirit of leaders, Fearful to the kings of earth!

Comfort from Recalling God's Mighty Deeds

771 My voice 'is' to God, and I cry, my voice 'is' to God, And He hath given ear unto me. 2 In a day of my distress the Lord I sought, My hand by night hath been spread out, And it doth not cease, My soul hath refused to be comforted. 3 I remember God, and make a noise, I meditate, and feeble is my spirit. Selah. 4 Thou hast taken hold of the watches of mine eyes, I have been moved, and I speak not. 5 I have reckoned the days of old, The years of the ages. 6 I remember my music in the night, With my heart I meditate, and my spirit doth search diligently: 7 To the ages doth the Lord cast off? Doth He add to be pleased no more? 8 Hath His kindness ceased for ever? The saying failed to all generations? 9 Hath God forgotten 'His' favours? Hath He shut up in anger His mercies? Selah. 10 And I say: 'My weakness is, The changes of the right hand of the Most High.'

11 I mention the doings of Jah, For I remember of old Thy wonders, 12 And I have meditated on all Thy working, And I talk concerning Thy doings. 13 O God, in holiness 'is' Thy way, Who 'is' a great god like God? 14 Thou 'art' the God doing wonders. Thou hast made known among the peoples Thy strength, 15 Thou hast redeemed with strength Thy people, The sons of Jacob and Joseph. Selah. 16 The waters have seen Thee, O God, The waters have seen Thee, They are afraid—also depths are troubled. 17 Poured out waters have thick clouds, The skies have given forth a noise, Also—Thine arrows go up and down. 18 The voice of Thy thunder 'is' in the spheres, Lightnings have lightened the world, The earth hath trembled, yea, it shaketh. 19 In the sea 'is' Thy way, And Thy paths 'are' in many waters, And Thy tracks have not been known. 20 Thou hast led as a flock Thy people, By the hand of Moses and Aaron!