A Prayer for Protection against Persecutors

1401 Deliver me, O Jehovah, from an evil man, From one of violence Thou keepest me. 2 Who have devised evils in the heart, All the day they assemble 'for' wars. 3 They sharpened their tongue as a serpent, Poison of an adder 'is' under their lips. Selah. 4 Preserve me, Jehovah, from the hands of the wicked, From one of violence Thou keepest me, Who have devised to overthrow my steps. 5 The proud hid a snare for me—and cords, They spread a net by the side of the path, Snares they have set for me. Selah. 6 I have said to Jehovah, 'My God 'art' Thou, Hear, Jehovah, the voice of my supplications.' 7 O Jehovah, my Lord, strength of my salvation, Thou hast covered my head in the day of armour.

8 Grant not, O Jehovah, the desires of the wicked, His wicked device bring not forth, They are high. Selah. 9 The chief of my surrounders, The perverseness of their lips covereth them. 10 They cause to fall on themselves burning coals, Into fire He doth cast them, Into deep pits—they arise not. 11 A talkative man is not established in the earth, One of violence—evil hunteth to overflowing. 12 I have known that Jehovah doth execute The judgment of the afflicted, The judgment of the needy. 13 Only—the righteous give thanks to Thy name, The upright do dwell with Thy presence!

A Prayer for Preservation from Evil

1411 O Jehovah, I have called Thee, haste to me, Give ear 'to' my voice when I call to Thee. 2 My prayer is prepared—incense before Thee, The lifting up of my hands—the evening present. 3 Set, O Jehovah, a watch for my mouth, Watch Thou over the door of my lips. 4 Incline not my heart to an evil thing, To do habitually actions in wickedness, With men working iniquity, Yea, I eat not of their pleasant things.

5 The righteous doth beat me 'in' kindness. And doth reprove me, Oil of the head my head disalloweth not, For still my prayer 'is' about their vexations. 6 Their judges have been released by the sides of a rock, And they have heard my sayings, For they have been pleasant. 7 As one tilling and ripping up in the land, Have our bones been scattered at the command of Saul. 8 But to Thee, O Jehovah, my Lord, 'are' mine eyes, In Thee I have trusted, Make not bare my soul. 9 Keep me from the gin they laid for me, Even snares of workers of iniquity. 10 The wicked fall in their nets together, till I pass over!

A Prayer for Help in Trouble

1421 An Instruction of David, a Prayer when he is in the cave. My voice 'is' unto Jehovah, I cry, My voice 'is' unto Jehovah, I entreat grace. 2 I pour forth before Him my meditation, My distress before Him I declare. 3 When my spirit hath been feeble in me, Then Thou hast known my path; In the way 'in' which I walk, They have hid a snare for me.

4 Looking on the right hand—and seeing, And I have none recognizing; Perished hath refuge from me, There is none inquiring for my soul. 5 I have cried unto thee, O Jehovah, I have said, 'Thou 'art' my refuge, My portion in the land of the living.' 6 Attend Thou unto my loud cry, For I have become very low, Deliver Thou me from my pursuers, For they have been stronger than I. 7 Bring forth from prison my soul to confess Thy name, The righteous do compass me about, When Thou conferrest benefits upon me!

A Prayer for Deliverance and Guidance

1431 O Jehovah, hear my prayer, Give ear unto my supplications, In Thy faithfulness answer me—in Thy righteousness. 2 And enter not into judgment with Thy servant, For no one living is justified before Thee. 3 For an enemy hath pursued my soul, He hath bruised to the earth my life, He hath caused me to dwell in dark places, As the dead of old. 4 And my spirit in me is become feeble, Within me is my heart become desolate. 5 I have remembered days of old, I have meditated on all Thine acts, On the work of Thy hand I muse. 6 I have spread forth my hands unto Thee, My soul 'is' as a weary land for Thee. Selah.

7 Haste, answer me, O Jehovah, My spirit hath been consumed, Hide not Thou Thy face from me, Or I have been compared with those going down 'to' the pit. 8 Cause me to hear in the morning Thy kindness, For in Thee I have trusted, Cause me to know the way that I go, For unto Thee I have lifted up my soul. 9 Deliver me from mine enemies, O Jehovah, Near Thee I am covered. 10 Teach me to do Thy good pleasure, For Thou 'art' my God—Thy Spirit 'is' good, Lead me into a land of uprightness. 11 For Thy name's sake O Jehovah, Thou dost quicken me, In Thy righteousness, Thou bringest out from distress my soul, 12 And in Thy kindness cuttest off mine enemies, And hast destroyed all the adversaries of my soul, For I 'am' Thy servant!

A Prayer for Rescue and Prosperity

1441 By David. Blessed 'is' Jehovah my rock, who is teaching My hands for war, my fingers for battle. 2 My kind one, and my bulwark, My tower, and my deliverer, My shield, and in whom I have trusted, Who is subduing my people under me! 3 Jehovah, what 'is' man that Thou knowest him? Son of man, that Thou esteemest him? 4 Man to vanity hath been like, His days 'are' as a shadow passing by. 5 Jehovah, incline Thy heavens and come down, Strike against mountains, and they smoke. 6 Send forth lightning, and scatter them, Send forth Thine arrows, and trouble them, 7 Send forth Thy hand from on high, Free me, and deliver me from many waters, From the hand of sons of a stranger, 8 Because their mouth hath spoken vanity, And their right hand 'is' a right hand of falsehood.

9 O God, a new song I sing to Thee, On a psaltery of ten strings I sing praise to Thee. 10 Who is giving deliverance to kings, Who is freeing David His servant from the sword of evil. 11 Free me, and deliver me From the hand of sons of a stranger, Because their mouth hath spoken vanity, And their right hand 'is' a right hand of falsehood, 12 Because our sons 'are' as plants, Becoming great in their youth, Our daughters as hewn stones, Polished—the likeness of a palace, 13 Our garners 'are' full, bringing out from kind to kind, Our flocks are bringing forth thousands, Ten thousands in our out-places, 14 Our oxen are carrying, there is no breach, And there is no outgoing, And there is no crying in our broad places. 15 O the happiness of the people that is thus, O the happiness of the people whose God 'is' Jehovah!

Praise for the LORD's Goodness and Power

1451 Praise by David. I exalt Thee, my God, O king, And bless Thy name to the age and for ever. 2 Every day do I bless Thee, And praise Thy name to the age and for ever. 3 Great 'is' Jehovah, and praised greatly, And of His greatness there is no searching. 4 Generation to generation praiseth Thy works, And Thy mighty acts they declare. 5 The honour—the glory of Thy majesty, And the matters of Thy wonders I declare. 6 And the strength of Thy fearful acts they tell, And Thy greatness I recount. 7 The memorial of the abundance of Thy goodness they send forth. And Thy righteousness they sing. 8 Gracious and merciful 'is' Jehovah, Slow to anger, and great in kindness. 9 Good 'is' Jehovah to all, And His mercies 'are' over all His works.

10 Confess Thee O Jehovah, do all Thy works, And Thy saints do bless Thee. 11 The honour of Thy kingdom they tell, And 'of' Thy might they speak, 12 To make known to sons of men His mighty acts, The honour of the majesty of His kingdom. 13 Thy kingdom 'is' a kingdom of all ages, And Thy dominion 'is' in all generations. 14 Jehovah is supporting all who are falling, And raising up all who are bowed down. 15 The eyes of all unto Thee do look, And Thou art giving to them their food in its season, 16 Opening Thy hand, and satisfying The desire of every living thing. 17 Righteous 'is' Jehovah in all His ways, And kind in all His works. 18 Near 'is' Jehovah to all those calling Him, To all who call Him in truth. 19 The desire of those fearing Him He doth, And their cry He heareth, and saveth them. 20 Jehovah preserveth all those loving Him, And all the wicked He destroyeth. 21 The praise of Jehovah my mouth speaketh, And all flesh doth bless His holy name, To the age and for ever!