The LORD's Care for His People

1111 Praise ye Jah! I thank Jehovah with the whole heart, In the secret meeting of the upright, And of the company. 2 Great 'are' the works of Jehovah, Sought out by all desiring them. 3 Honourable and majestic is His work, And His righteousness is standing for ever. 4 A memorial He hath made of His wonders, Gracious and merciful 'is' Jehovah. 5 Prey He hath given to those fearing Him, He remembereth to the age His covenant.

6 The power of His works He hath declared to His people, To give to them the inheritance of nations. 7 The works of His hands 'are' true and just, Stedfast 'are' all His appointments. 8 They are sustained for ever to the age. They are made in truth and uprightness. 9 Redemption He hath sent to His people, He hath appointed to the age His covenant, Holy and fearful 'is' His name. 10 The beginning of wisdom 'is' fear of Jehovah, Good understanding have all doing them, His praise 'is' standing for ever!

The Prosperity of Him Who Fears the LORD

1121 Praise ye Jah! O the happiness of one fearing Jehovah, In His commands he hath delighted greatly. 2 Mighty in the earth is his seed, The generation of the upright is blessed. 3 Wealth and riches 'are' in his house, And his righteousness is standing for ever. 4 Light hath risen in darkness to the upright, Gracious, and merciful, and righteous. 5 Good 'is' the man—gracious and lending, He sustaineth his matters in judgment.

6 For—to the age he is not moved; For a memorial age-during is the righteous. 7 Of an evil report he is not afraid, Prepared is His heart, confident in Jehovah. 8 Sustained is his heart—he feareth not, Till that he look on his adversaries. 9 He hath scattered—hath given to the needy, His righteousness is standing for ever, His horn is exalted with honour. 10 The wicked seeth, and hath been angry, His teeth he gnasheth, and hath melted, The desire of the wicked doth perish!

Praise for Exalting the Humble

1131 Praise ye Jah! Praise, ye servants of Jehovah. Praise the name of Jehovah. 2 The name of Jehovah is blessed, From henceforth, and unto the age. 3 From the rising of the sun unto its going in, Praised 'is' the name of Jehovah. 4 High above all nations 'is' Jehovah, Above the heavens 'is' his honour. 5 Who 'is' as Jehovah our God, He is exalting 'Himself' to sit? 6 He is humbling 'Himself' to look On the heavens and on the earth. 7 He is raising up from the dust the poor, From a dunghill He exalteth the needy. 8 To cause to sit with princes, With the princes of His people. 9 Causing the barren one of the house to sit, A joyful mother of sons; praise ye Jah!

The Wonders of the Exodus

1141 In the going out of Israel from Egypt, The house of Jacob from a strange people, 2 Judah became His sanctuary, Israel his dominion. 3 The sea hath seen, and fleeth, The Jordan turneth backward. 4 The mountains have skipped as rams, Heights as sons of a flock. 5 What—to thee, O sea, that thou fleest? O Jordan, thou turnest back! 6 O mountains, ye skip as rams! O heights, as sons of a flock! 7 From before the Lord be afraid, O earth, From before the God of Jacob, 8 He is turning the rock to a pool of waters, The flint to a fountain of waters!

God and the Idols

1151 Not to us, O Jehovah, not to us, But to Thy name give honour, For Thy kindness, for Thy truth. 2 Why do the nations say, 'Where, pray, 'is' their God. 3 And our God 'is' in the heavens, All that He hath pleased He hath done. 4 Their idols 'are' silver and gold, work of man's hands, 5 A mouth they have, and they speak not, Eyes they have, and they see not, 6 Ears they have, and they hear not, A nose they have, and they smell not, 7 Their hands, but they handle not, Their feet, and they walk not; 8 Nor do they mutter through their throat, Like them are their makers, Every one who is trusting in them.

9 O Israel, trust in Jehovah, 'Their help and their shield 'is' He.' 10 O house of Aaron, trust in Jehovah, 'Their help and their shield 'is' He.' 11 Ye fearing Jehovah, trust in Jehovah, 'Their help and their shield 'is' He.' 12 Jehovah hath remembered us, He blesseth, He blesseth the house of Israel, He blesseth the house of Aaron, 13 He blesseth those fearing Jehovah, The small with the great. 14 Jehovah addeth to you, to you, and to your sons. 15 Blessed 'are' ye of Jehovah, maker of heaven and earth, 16 The heavens—the heavens 'are' Jehovah's, And the earth He hath given to sons of men, 17 The dead praise not Jah, Nor any going down to silence. 18 And we, we bless Jah, From henceforth, and unto the age. Praise ye Jah!

Thanksgiving for Deliverance from Death

1161 I have loved, because Jehovah heareth My voice, my supplication, 2 Because He hath inclined His ear to me, And during my days I call. 3 Compassed me have cords of death, And straits of Sheol have found me, Distress and sorrow I find. 4 And in the name of Jehovah I call: I pray Thee, O Jehovah, deliver my soul, 5 Gracious 'is' Jehovah, and righteous, Yea, our God 'is' merciful, 6 A preserver of the simple 'is' Jehovah, I was low, and to me He giveth salvation. 7 Turn back, O my soul, to thy rest, For Jehovah hath conferred benefits on thee. 8 For Thou hast delivered my soul from death, My eyes from tears, my feet from overthrowing. 9 I walk habitually before Jehovah In the lands of the living.

10 I have believed, for I speak, I—I have been afflicted greatly. 11 I said in my haste, 'Every man 'is' a liar.' 12 What do I return to Jehovah? All His benefits 'are' upon me. 13 The cup of salvation I lift up, And in the name of Jehovah I call. 14 My vows to Jehovah let me complete, I pray you, before all His people. 15 Precious in the eyes of Jehovah 'is' the death for His saints. 16 Cause 'it' to come, O Jehovah, for I 'am' Thy servant. I 'am' Thy servant, son of Thy handmaid, Thou hast opened my bonds. 17 To Thee I sacrifice a sacrifice of thanks, And in the name of Jehovah I call. 18 My vows to Jehovah let me complete, I pray you, before all His people, 19 In the courts of the house of Jehovah, In thy midst, O Jerusalem, praise ye Jah!

Praise for the LORD's Merciful Kindness

1171 Praise Jehovah, all ye nations, Glorify Him, all ye peoples. 2 For mighty to us hath been His kindness, And the truth of Jehovah 'is' to the age. Praise ye Jah!

Thanksgiving for the LORD's Salvation

1181 Give ye thanks to Jehovah, For good, for to the age 'is' His kindness. 2 I pray you, let Israel say, That, to the age 'is' His kindness. 3 I pray you, let the house of Aaron say, That, to the age 'is' His kindness. 4 I pray you, let those fearing Jehovah say, That, to the age 'is' His kindness. 5 From the straitness I called Jah, Jah answered me in a broad place. 6 Jehovah 'is' for me, I do not fear what man doth to me. 7 Jehovah 'is' for me among my helpers, And I—I look on those hating me. 8 Better to take refuge in Jehovah than to trust in man, 9 Better to take refuge in Jehovah, Than to trust in princes. 10 All nations have compassed me about, In the name of Jehovah I surely cut them off. 11 They have compassed me about, Yea, they have compassed me about, In the name of Jehovah I surely cut them off. 12 They compassed me about as bees, They have been extinguished as a fire of thorns, In the name of Jehovah I surely cut them off. 13 Thou hast sorely thrust me to fall, And Jehovah hath helped me. 14 My strength and song 'is' Jah, And He is to me for salvation. 15 A voice of singing and salvation, 'Is' in the tents of the righteous, The right hand of Jehovah is doing valiantly. 16 The right hand of Jehovah is exalted, The right hand of Jehovah is doing valiantly. 17 I do not die, but live, And recount the works of Jah, 18 Jah hath sorely chastened me, And to death hath not given me up.

19 Open ye to me gates of righteousness, I enter into them—I thank Jah. 20 This 'is' the gate to Jehovah, The righteous enter into it. 21 I thank Thee, for Thou hast answered me, And art to me for salvation. 22 A stone the builders refused Hath become head of a corner. 23 From Jehovah hath this been, It 'is' wonderful in our eyes, 24 This 'is' the day Jehovah hath made, We rejoice and are glad in it. 25 I beseech Thee, O Jehovah, save, I pray Thee, I beseech Thee, O Jehovah, prosper, I pray Thee. 26 Blessed 'is' he who is coming In the name of Jehovah, We blessed you from the house of Jehovah, 27 God 'is' Jehovah, and He giveth to us light, Direct ye the festal-sacrifice with cords, Unto the horns of the altar. 28 My God Thou 'art', and I confess Thee, My God, I exalt Thee. 29 Give ye thanks to Jehovah, For good, for to the age, 'is' His kindness!