The LORD's Servant

421 Lo, My servant, I take hold on him, My chosen one—My soul hath accepted, I have put My Spirit upon him, Judgment to nations he bringeth forth. 2 He doth not cry, nor lift up, Nor cause his voice to be heard, in the street. 3 A bruised reed he breaketh not, And dim flax he quencheth not, To truth he bringeth forth judgment. 4 He doth not become weak nor bruised, Till he setteth judgment in the earth, And for his law isles wait with hope.

5 Thus said God, Jehovah, preparing The heavens, and stretching them out, Spreading out the earth and its productions, Giving breath to the people on it, And spirit to those walking in it. 6 I, Jehovah, did call thee in righteousness, And I lay hold on thy hand, and keep thee, And I give thee for a covenant of a people, And a light of nations. 7 To open the eyes of the blind, To bring forth from prison the bound one, From the house of restraint those sitting in darkness. 8 I 'am' Jehovah, this 'is' My name, And Mine honour to another I give not, Nor My praise to graven images. 9 The former things, lo, have come, And new things I am declaring, Before they spring up I cause you to hear.

Praise for the LORD's Mighty Deliverance

10 Sing to Jehovah a new song, His praise from the end of the earth, Ye who are going down to the sea, and its fulness, Isles, and their inhabitants. 11 The wilderness and its cities do lift up 'the voice', The villages Kedar doth inhabit, Sing do the inhabitants of Sela, From the top of mountains they cry. 12 They ascribe to Jehovah honour, And His praise in the isles they declare.

13 Jehovah as a mighty one goeth forth. As a man of war He stirreth up zeal, He crieth, yea, He shrieketh, Against His enemies He showeth Himself mighty. 14 I have kept silent from of old, I keep silent, I refrain myself, As a travailing woman I cry out, I desolate and swallow up together. 15 I make waste mountains and hills, And all their herbs I dry up, And I have made rivers become isles, And ponds I dry up. 16 And I have caused the blind to go, In a way they have not known, In paths they have not known I cause them to tread, I make a dark place before them become light, And unlevelled places become a plain, These 'are' the things I have done to them, And I have not forsaken them. 17 Removed backward—utterly ashamed, Are those trusting in a graven image, Those saying to a molten image, 'Ye 'are' our gods.'

Israel's Failure to Profit from Discipline

18 Ye deaf, hear; and ye blind, look to see. 19 Who 'is' blind but My servant? And deaf as My messenger I send? Who 'is' blind as he who is at peace, Yea, blind, as the servant of Jehovah? 20 Seeing many things, and thou observest not, Opening ears, and he heareth not. 21 Jehovah hath delight for the sake of His righteousness, He magnifieth law, and maketh honourable. 22 And this 'is' a people seized and spoiled, Snared in holes—all of them, And in houses of restraint they were hidden, They have been for a prey, And there is no deliverer, A spoil, and none is saying, 'Restore.' 23 Who among you giveth ear 'to' this? Attendeth, and heareth afterwards. 24 Who hath given Jacob for a spoil, And Israel to the spoilers? Is it not Jehovah—He against whom we sinned? Yea, they have not been willing in His ways to walk, Nor have they hearkened to His law. 25 And He poureth on him fury, His anger, and the strength of battle, And it setteth him on fire round about, And he hath not known, And it burneth against him, and he layeth it not to heart!

The LORD the Only Redeemer

431 And now, thus said Jehovah, Thy Creator, O Jacob, and thy Fashioner, O Israel, Be not afraid, for I have redeemed thee, I have called on thy name—thou 'art' Mine. 2 When thou passest into waters, I 'am' with thee, And into floods, they do not overflow thee, When thou goest into fire, thou art not burnt, And a flame doth not burn against thee. 3 For I—Jehovah thy God, The Holy One of Israel, thy Saviour, I have appointed Egypt thine atonement, Cush and Seba in thy stead. 4 Since thou wast precious in Mine eyes, Thou wast honoured, and I have loved thee, And I appoint men in thy stead, And peoples instead of thy life. 5 Be not afraid, for I 'am' with thee, From the east I bring in thy seed, And from the west I gather thee. 6 I am saying to the north, 'Give up,' And to the south, 'Restrain not.' Bring in My sons from afar, And My daughters from the end of the earth. 7 Every one who is called by My name, Even for My honour I have created him, I have formed him, yea, I have made him.

8 He brought out a blind people who have eyes, And deaf ones who have ears. 9 All the nations have been gathered together, And the peoples are assembled, Who among them declareth this, And former things causeth us to hear? They give their witnesses, And they are declared righteous, And they hear and say, 'Truth.' 10 Ye 'are' My witnesses, an affirmation of Jehovah, And My servant whom I have chosen, So that ye know and give credence to Me, And understand that I 'am' He, Before Me there was no God formed, And after Me there is none. 11 I—I 'am' Jehovah, And besides Me there is no saviour. 12 I—I declared, and saved, and proclaimed, And there is no stranger with you, And ye 'are' My witnesses, an affirmation of Jehovah, And I 'am' God. 13 Even from the day I 'am' He, And there is no deliverer from My hand, I work, and who doth turn it back?

14 Thus said Jehovah, your Redeemer, The Holy One of Israel: 'For your sake I have sent to Babylon, And caused bars to descend—all of them, And the Chaldeans, whose song 'is' in the ships. 15 I 'am' Jehovah, your Holy One, Creator of Israel, your King.' 16 Thus said Jehovah, Who is giving in the sea a way, And in the strong waters a path. 17 Who is bringing forth chariot and horse, A force, even a strong one: 'Together they lie down—they rise not, They have been extinguished, As flax they have been quenched.' 18 Remember not former things, And ancient things consider not. 19 Lo, I am doing a new thing, now it springeth up, Do ye not know it? Yea, I put in a wilderness a way, In a desolate place—floods. 20 Honour me doth the beast of the field, Dragons and daughters of an ostrich, For I have given in a wilderness waters, Floods in a desolate place, To give drink to My people—My chosen. 21 This people I have formed for Myself, My praise they recount.

22 And Me thou hast not called, O Jacob, For thou hast been wearied of me, O Israel, 23 Thou hast not brought in to Me, The lamb of thy burnt-offerings, And 'with' thy sacrifices thou hast not honoured Me, I have not caused thee to serve with a present, Nor wearied thee with frankincense. 24 Thou hast not bought for Me with money sweet cane, And 'with' the fat of thy sacrifices hast not filled Me, Only—thou hast caused Me to serve with thy sins, Thou hast wearied Me with thine iniquities. 25 I—I 'am' He who is blotting out Thy transgressions for Mine own sake, And thy sins I do not remember. 26 Cause me to remember—we are judged together, Declare thou that thou mayest be justified. 27 Thy first father sinned, And thine interpreters transgressed against me, 28 And I pollute princes of the sanctuary, And I give Jacob to destruction, and Israel to revilings!

The LORD the Only God

441 And now, hear, O Jacob, My servant, And Israel, whom I have fixed on: 2 Thus said Jehovah, thy Maker, and thy Former, From the womb He doth help thee; Fear not, my servant Jacob, And Jeshurun, whom I have fixed on. 3 For I pour waters on a thirsty one, And floods on a dry land, I pour My Spirit on thy seed, And My blessing on thine offspring. 4 And they have sprung up as among grass, As willows by streams of water. 5 This 'one' saith, For Jehovah I 'am', And this calleth 'himself' by the name of Jacob, And this 'one' writeth 'with' his hand, 'For Jehovah,' and by the name of Israel surnameth himself. 6 Thus said Jehovah, king of Israel, And his Redeemer, Jehovah of Hosts: 'I 'am' the first, and I the last, And besides Me there is no God. 7 And who as I, doth call and declare it, And arrange it for Me, Since My placing the people of antiquity, And things that are coming, And those that do come, declare they to them? 8 Fear not, nor be afraid, Have I not from that time caused thee to hear, and declared? And ye 'are' My witnesses, Is there a God besides Me? yea, there is none, A Rock I have not known.

The Folly of Idolatry

9 Framers of a graven image 'are' all of them emptiness, And their desirable things do not profit, And their own witnesses they 'are', They see not, nor know, that they may be ashamed. 10 Who hath formed a god, And a molten image poured out—not profitable? 11 Lo, all his companions are ashamed, As to artizans—they 'are' of men, All of them gather together, they stand up, They fear, they are ashamed together. 12 He hath wrought iron 'with' an axe, And hath wrought with coals, And with hammers doth form it, And doth work it by his powerful arm, Yea, he is hungry, and there is no power, He doth not drink water, and he is wearied. 13 He hath wrought 'with' wood, He hath stretched out a rule, He doth mark it out with a line, He maketh it with carving tools, And with a compass he marketh it out, And maketh it according to the form of a man, According to the beauty of a man, To remain in the house. 14 Cutting down to himself cedars, He taketh also a cypress, and an oak, And he strengtheneth 'it' for himself Among the trees of a forest, He hath planted an ash, and the shower doth nourish 'it'. 15 And it hath been for man to burn, And he taketh of them, and becometh warm, Yea, he kindleth 'it', and hath baked bread, Yea, he maketh a god, and boweth himself, He hath made it a graven image, And he falleth down to it. 16 Half of it he hath burnt in the fire, By 'this' half of it he eateth flesh, He roasteth a roasting, and is satisfied, Yea, he is warm, and saith: 'Aha, I have become warm, I have enjoyed the light. 17 And its remnant for a god he hath made—For his graven image, He falleth down to it, and worshippeth, And prayeth unto it, and he saith, 'Deliver me, for my god thou 'art'.' 18 They have not known, nor do they understand, For He hath daubed their eyes from seeing, Their heart from acting wisely. 19 And none doth turn 'it' back unto his heart, Nor hath knowledge nor understanding to say, 'Half of it I have burned in the fire, Yea, also, I have baked bread over its coals, I roast flesh and I eat, And its remnant for an abomination I make, To the stock of a tree I fall down.' 20 Feeding on ashes, the heart is deceived, It hath turned him aside, And he delivereth not his soul, nor saith: 'Is there not a lie in my right hand?'

The LORD the Redeemer of Israel

21 Remember these, O Jacob, and Israel, For My servant thou 'art', I formed thee, a servant to Me thou 'art', O Israel, thou dost not forget Me. 22 I have blotted out, as 'by' a thick cloud, Thy transgressions, And as 'by' a cloud thy sins, Return unto Me, for I have redeemed thee. 23 Sing, O heavens, for Jehovah hath wrought, Shout, O lower parts of earth, Break forth, O mountains, with singing, Forest, and every tree in it, For Jehovah hath redeemed Jacob, And in Israel He doth beautify Himself. 24 Thus said Jehovah, thy redeemer, And thy framer from the womb: 'I 'am' Jehovah, doing all things, Stretching out the heavens by Myself, Spreading out the earth—who 'is' with Me? 25 Making void the tokens of devisers, And diviners it maketh mad, Turning the wise backward, And their knowledge it maketh foolish. 26 Confirming the word of His servant, The counsel of His messengers it perfecteth, Who is saying of Jerusalem, She is inhabited, And of cities of Judah, They shall be built, and her wastes I raise up, 27 Who is saying to the deep, Be dry, and thy rivers I cause to dry up, 28 Who is saying of Cyrus, My shepherd, And all my delight He doth perfect, So as to say of Jerusalem, Thou art built, And of the temple, Thou art founded.