Condemnation of Ephraim

281 Wo 'to' the proud crown of the drunkards of Ephraim. And the fading flower of the beauty of his glory, That 'is' on the head of the fat valley of the broken down of wine. 2 Lo, a mighty and strong one 'is' to the Lord, As a storm of hail—a destructive shower, As an inundation of mighty waters overflowing, He cast down to the earth with the hand. 3 By feet trodden down is the proud crown of the drunkards of Ephraim, 4 And the fading flower of the beauty of his glory That 'is' on the head of the fat valley, Hath been as its first-fruit before summer, That its beholder seeth, While it 'is' yet in his hand he swalloweth it. 5 In that day is Jehovah of Hosts For a crown of beauty, and for a diadem of glory, To the remnant of His people. 6 And for a spirit of judgment To him who is sitting in the judgment, And for might 'to' those turning back the battle to the gate. 7 And even these through wine have erred, And through strong drink have wandered, Priest and prophet erred through strong drink, They have been swallowed up of the wine, They wandered because of the strong drink, They have erred in seeing, They have stumbled judicially. 8 For all tables have been full of vomit, Filth—without place!

9 By whom doth He teach knowledge? And by whom doth He cause to understand the report? The weaned from milk, the removed from breasts, 10 For rule 'is' on rule, rule on rule, line on line, line on line, A little here, a little there, 11 For by scorned lip, and by another tongue, Doth He speak unto this people. 12 Unto whom He hath said, 'This 'is' the rest, give ye rest to the weary, And this—the refreshing:' And they have not been willing to hear, 13 And to whom a word of Jehovah hath been, Rule on rule, rule on rule, line on line, line on line, A little here, a little there, So that they go and have stumbled backward, And been broken, and snared, and captured.

The Warning to Jerusalem

14 Therefore, hear a word of Jehovah, ye men of scorning, Ruling this people that 'is' in Jerusalem. 15 Because ye have said: 'We have made a covenant with death, And with Sheol we have made a provision, An overflowing scourge, when it passeth over, Doth not meet us, Though we have made a lie our refuge, And in falsehood have been hidden.' 16 Therefore, thus said the Lord Jehovah: 'Lo, I am laying a foundation in Zion, A stone—a tried stone, a corner stone precious, a settled foundation, He who is believing doth not make haste. 17 And I have put judgment for a line, And righteousness for a plummet, And sweep away doth hail the refuge of lies, And the secret hiding-place do waters overflow. 18 And disannulled hath been your covenant with death, And your provision with Sheol doth not stand, An overflowing scourge, when it passeth over, Then ye have been to it for a treading-place. 19 From the fulness of its passing over it taketh you, For morning by morning it passeth over, By day and by night, And it hath been only a trembling to consider the report. 20 For shorter hath been the bed Than to stretch one's self out in, And the covering hath been narrower Than to wrap one's self up in. 21 For as 'at' mount Perazim rise doth Jehovah, As 'at' the valley in Gibeon He is troubled, To do His work—strange 'is' His work, And to do His deed—strange 'is' His deed.' 22 And now, show not yourselves scorners, Lest strong be your bands, For a consumption, that is determined, I have heard, by the Lord, Jehovah of Hosts, 'Is' for all the land.

23 Give ear, and hear my voice, Attend, and hear my saying: 24 The whole day plougheth the ploughman to sow? He openeth and harroweth his ground! 25 Hath he not, if he have made level its face, Then scattered fitches, and cummin sprinkle, And hath placed the principal wheat, And the appointed barley, And the rie 'in' its own border? 26 And instruct him for judgment doth his God, He doth direct him. 27 For not with a sharp-pointed thing threshed are fitches, And the wheel of a cart on cummin turned round, For with a staff beaten out are fitches, And cummin with a rod. 28 Bread-'corn' is beaten small, For not for ever doth he sorely thresh it, Nor crushed 'it' hath a wheel of his cart, Nor do his hoofs beat it small. 29 Even this from Jehovah of Hosts hath gone out, He hath made counsel wonderful, He hath made wisdom great!

Ariel and Her Enemies

291 Wo 'to' Ariel, Ariel, The city of the encampment of David! Add year to year, let festivals go round. 2 And I have sent distress to Ariel, And it hath been lamentation and mourning, And it hath been to me as Ariel. 3 And I encamped, O babbler, against thee, And I laid siege against thee—a camp. And I raised up against thee bulwarks. 4 And thou hast been low, From the earth thou speakest, And from the dust makest thy saying low, And thy voice hath been from the earth, As one having a familiar spirit, And from the dust thy saying whisperest, 5 And as small dust hath been The multitude of those scattering thee, And as chaff passing on the multitude of the terrible, And it hath been at an instant—suddenly. 6 By Jehovah of Hosts thou art inspected, With thunder, and with an earthquake, And great noise, hurricane, and whirlwind, And flame of devouring fire. 7 And as a dream, a vision of night, hath been The multitude of all the nations Who are warring against Ariel, And all its warriors, and its bulwark, Even of those distressing her. 8 And it hath been, as when the hungry dreameth, And lo, he is eating, And he hath waked, and empty 'is' his soul, And as when the thirsty dreameth, And lo, he is drinking, and he hath waked, And lo, he is weary, and his soul is longing, So is the multitude of all the nations Who are warring against mount Zion.

The Blindness and Hypocrisy of Israel

9 Tarry and wonder, look ye, yea, look, Be drunk, and not with wine, Stagger, and not with strong drink. 10 For poured out on you hath Jehovah a spirit of deep sleep, And He closeth your eyes—the prophets, And your heads—the seers—He covered. 11 And the vision of the whole is to you, As words of the sealed book, That they give unto one knowing books, Saying, 'Read this, we pray thee,' And he hath said, 'I am not able, for it 'is' sealed;' 12 And the book is given to him who hath not known books, Saying, 'Read this, we pray thee,' And he hath said, 'I have not known books.' 13 And the Lord saith: Because drawn near hath this people, with its mouth, And with its lips they have honoured Me, And its heart it hath put far off from Me, And their fear of Me is—A precept of men is taught! 14 Therefore, lo, I am adding to do wonderfully with this people, A wonder, and a marvel, And perished hath the wisdom of its wise ones, And the understanding of its intelligent ones hideth itself.' 15 Wo 'to' those going deep from Jehovah to hide counsel, And whose works have been in darkness. And they say, 'Who is seeing us? And who is knowing us?' 16 Your perversion! as clay is the potter esteemed? That the work saith of its maker, 'He hath not made me?' And the framed thing said of its framer, 'He did not understand?'

The Redemption of Israel

17 Is it not yet a very little, And turned hath Lebanon to a fruitful field, And the fruitful field for a forest is reckoned? 18 And heard in that day have the deaf the words of a book, And out of thick darkness, and out of darkness, The eyes of the blind do see. 19 And the humble have added joy in Jehovah, And the poor among men In the Holy One of Israel rejoice. 20 For ceased hath the terrible one, And consumed hath been the scorner, And cut off have been all watching for iniquity, 21 Causing men to sin in word, And for a reprover in the gate lay a snare, And turn aside into emptiness the righteous. 22 Therefore, thus said Jehovah, Who ransomed Abraham, Concerning the house of Jacob: 'Not now ashamed is Jacob, Nor now doth his face become pale, 23 For in his seeing his children, The work of My hand, in his midst, They sanctify My name, And have sanctified the Holy One of Jacob, And the God of Israel they declare fearful. 24 And the erring in spirit have known understanding, And murmurers learn doctrine!'

The Futility of Reliance on Egypt

301 Wo 'to' apostate sons, The affirmation of Jehovah! To do counsel, and not from Me, And to spread out a covering, and not of My spirit, So as to add sin to sin. 2 Who are walking to go down to Egypt, And My mouth have not asked, To be strong in the strength of Pharaoh, And to trust in the shadow of Egypt. 3 And the strength of Pharaoh Hath been to you for shame, And the trust in the shadow of Egypt confusion, 4 For in Zoan were his princes, And his messengers reach Hanes. 5 All he made ashamed of a people that profit not, Neither for help, not for profit, But for shame, and also for reproach! 6 The burden of the beasts of the south. Into a land of adversity and distress, Of young lion and of old lion, Whence 'are' viper and flying saraph, They carry on the shoulder of asses their wealth, And on the hump of camels their treasures, Unto a people not profitable. 7 Yea, Egyptians 'are' vanity, and in vain do help, Therefore I have cried concerning this: 'Their strength 'is' to sit still.'

8 No, go in, write it on a tablet with them, And on a book engrave it, And it is for a latter day, for a witness unto the age, 9 That a rebellious people 'is' this, sons—liars, Sons not willing to hear the law of Jehovah. 10 Who have said to seers, 'Ye do not see,' And to prophets, 'Ye do not prophesy to us Straightforward things, Speak to us smooth things, prophesy deceits, 11 Turn aside from the way, decline from the path, Cause to cease from before us the Holy One of Israel.' 12 Therefore, thus said the Holy One of Israel, Because of your kicking against this word, And ye trust in oppression, And perverseness, and rely on it, 13 Therefore is this iniquity to you as a breach falling, Swelled out in a wall set on high, Whose destruction suddenly, at an instant cometh. 14 And He hath broken it As the breaking of the potters' bottle, Beaten down—He doth not spare, Nor is there found, in its beating down, A potsherd to take fire from the burning, And to draw out waters from a ditch. 15 For thus said the Lord Jehovah, The Holy One of Israel: 'In returning and rest ye are saved, In keeping quiet and in confidence is your might, And ye have not been willing. 16 And ye say, No, for on a horse we flee? Therefore ye flee, And on the swift we ride! Therefore swift are your pursuers. 17 One thousand because of the rebuke of one, Because of the rebuke of five ye flee, Till ye have been surely left as a pole On the top of the mountain, And as an ensign on the height.

The Promise of God's Grace to Israel

18 And therefore doth wait Jehovah to favour you, And therefore He is exalted to pity you, For a God of judgment 'is' Jehovah, O the blessedness of all waiting for Him. 19 For the people in Zion dwell in Jerusalem, Weep thou not, weeping, Pitying, He pitieth thee at the voice of thy cry, When He heareth He answereth thee. 20 And the Lord hath given to you bread of adversity, And water of oppression. And thy directors remove no more, And thine eyes have seen thy directors, 21 And thine ear heareth a word behind thee, Saying, 'This 'is' the way, go ye in it,' When ye turn to the right, And when ye turn to the left. 22 And ye have defiled the covering of Thy graven images of silver, And the ephod of thy molten image of gold, Thou scatterest them as a sickening thing, 'Go out,' thou sayest to it. 23 And He hath given rain 'for' thy seed, With which thou dost sow the ground, And bread, the increase of the ground, And it hath been fat and plenteous, Enjoy do thy cattle in that day an enlarged pasture. 24 And the oxen and the young asses serving the ground, Fermented provender do eat, That one is winnowing with shovel and fan. 25 And there hath been on every high mount, And on every exalted hill, Rivulets—streams of waters, In a day of much slaughter, in the falling of towers. 26 And the light of the moon hath been as the light of the sun, And the light of the sun is sevenfold, As the light of seven days, In the day of Jehovah's binding up the breach of His people, When the stroke of its wound He healeth.

The LORD's Judgment on Assyria

27 Lo, the name of Jehovah is coming from far, Burning is His anger, and great the flame, His lips have been full of indignation, And His tongue 'is' as a devouring fire. 28 And His breath 'is' as an overflowing stream, Unto the neck it divideth, To sift nations with a sieve of vanity, And a bridle causing to err, 'Is' on the jaws of the peoples. 29 Singing is to you as in a night sanctified for a festival, And joy of heart as he who is going with a pipe, To go in to the mountain of Jehovah, Unto the rock of Israel. 30 And caused to be heard hath Jehovah The honour of His voice, And the coming down of His arm He doth shew with the raging of anger, And the flame of a consuming fire, Scattering, and inundation, and hailstone. 31 For from the voice of Jehovah broken down 'is' Asshur, With a rod He smiteth. 32 And every passage of the settled staff, That Jehovah causeth to rest on him, Hath been with tabrets, and with harps, And in battles of shaking he hath fought with it. 33 For, arranged from former time is Tophet, Even it for the king is prepared, He hath made deep, He hath made large, Its pile 'is' fire and much wood, The breath of Jehovah, As a stream of brim stone, is burning in it!