Jacob Blesses Ephraim and Manasseh

481 And it cometh to pass, after these things, that 'one' saith to Joseph, 'Lo, thy father is sick;' and he taketh his two sons with him, Manasseh and Ephraim. 2 And 'one' declareth to Jacob, and saith, 'Lo, thy son Joseph is coming unto thee;' and Israel doth strengthen himself, and sit upon the bed. 3 And Jacob saith unto Joseph, 'God Almighty hath appeared unto me, in Luz, in the land of Canaan, and blesseth me, 4 and saith unto me, Lo, I am making thee fruitful, and have multiplied thee, and given thee for an assembly of peoples, and given this land to thy seed after thee, a possession age-during. 5 'And now, thy two sons, who are born to thee in the land of Egypt, before my coming unto thee to Egypt, mine they 'are'; Ephraim and Manasseh, as Reuben and Simeon they are mine; 6 and thy family which thou hast begotten after them are thine; by the name of their brethren they are called in their inheritance. 7 'And I—in my coming in from Padan-'Aram' Rachel hath died by me in the land of Canaan, in the way, while yet a kibrath of land to enter Ephrata, and I bury her there in the way of Ephrata, which 'is' Bethlehem.'

8 And Israel seeth the sons of Joseph, and saith, 'Who 'are' these?' 9 and Joseph saith unto his father, 'They 'are' my sons, whom God hath given to me in this 'place';' and he saith, 'Bring them, I pray thee, unto me, and I bless them.' 10 And the eyes of Israel have been heavy from age, he is unable to see; and he bringeth them nigh unto him, and he kisseth them, and cleaveth to them; 11 and Israel saith unto Joseph, 'To see thy face I had not thought, and lo, God hath shewed me also thy seed.' 12 And Joseph bringeth them out from between his knees, and boweth himself on his face to the earth; 13 and Joseph taketh them both, Ephraim in his right hand towards Israel's left, and Manasseh in his left towards Israel's right, and bringeth 'them' nigh to him. 14 And Israel putteth out his right hand, and placeth 'it' upon the head of Ephraim, who 'is' the younger, and his left hand upon the head of Manasseh; he hath guided his hands wisely, for Manasseh 'is' the first-born. 15 And he blesseth Joseph, and saith, 'God, before whom my fathers Abraham and Isaac walked habitually: God who is feeding me from my being unto this day: 16 the Messenger who is redeeming me from all evil doth bless the youths, and my name is called upon them, and the name of my fathers Abraham and Isaac; and they increase into a multitude in the midst of the land.' 17 And Joseph seeth that his father setteth his right hand on the head of Ephraim, and it is wrong in his eyes, and he supporteth the hand of his father to turn it aside from off the head of Ephraim to the head of Manasseh; 18 and Joseph saith unto his father, 'Not so, my father, for this 'is' the first-born; set thy right hand on his head.' 19 And his father refuseth, and saith, 'I have known, my son, I have known; he also becometh a people, and he also is great, and yet, his young brother is greater than he, and his seed is the fulness of the nations;' 20 and he blesseth them in that day, saying, 'By thee doth Israel bless, saying, God set thee as Ephraim and as Manasseh;' and he setteth Ephraim before Manasseh. 21 And Israel saith unto Joseph, 'Lo, I am dying, and God hath been with you, and hath brought you back unto the land of your fathers; 22 and I—I have given to thee one portion above thy brethren, which I have taken out of the hand of the Amorite by my sword and by my bow.'

Jacob's Prophecy concerning His Sons

491 And Jacob calleth unto his sons and saith, 'Be gathered together, and I declare to you that which doth happen with you in the latter end of the days. 2 'Be assembled, and hear, sons of Jacob, And hearken unto Israel your father. 3 Reuben! my first-born thou, My power, and beginning of my strength, The abundance of exaltation, And the abundance of strength; 4 Unstable as water, thou art not abundant; For thou hast gone up thy father's bed; Then thou hast polluted: My couch he went up!

5 Simeon and Levi 'are' brethren! Instruments of violence—their espousals! 6 Into their secret, come not, O my soul! Unto their assembly be not united, O mine honour; For in their anger they slew a man, And in their self-will eradicated a prince. 7 Cursed 'is' their anger, for 'it is' fierce, And their wrath, for 'it is' sharp; I divide them in Jacob, And I scatter them in Israel.

8 Judah! thou—thy brethren praise thee! Thy hand 'is' on the neck of thine enemies, Sons of thy father bow themselves to thee. 9 A lion's whelp 'is' Judah, For prey, my son, thou hast gone up; He hath bent, he hath crouched as a lion, And as a lioness; who causeth him to arise? 10 The sceptre turneth not aside from Judah, And a lawgiver from between his feet, Till his Seed come; And his 'is' the obedience of peoples. 11 Binding to the vine his ass, And to the choice vine the colt of his ass, He hath washed in wine his clothing, And in the blood of grapes his covering; 12 Red 'are' eyes with wine, And white 'are' teeth with milk!

13 Zebulun at a haven of the seas doth dwell, And he 'is' for a haven of ships; And his side 'is' unto Zidon. 14 Issacher 'is' a strong ass, Crouching between the two folds; 15 And he seeth rest that 'it is' good, And the land that 'it is' pleasant, And he inclineth his shoulder to bear, And is to tribute a servant. 16 Dan doth judge his people, As one of the tribes of Israel; 17 Dan is a serpent by the way, An adder by the path, Which is biting the horse's heels, And its rider falleth backward. 18 For Thy salvation I have waited, Jehovah! 19 Gad! a troop assaulteth him, But he assaulteth last. 20 Out of Asher his bread 'is' fat; And he giveth dainties of a king. 21 Naphtali 'is' a hind sent away, Who is giving beauteous young ones.

22 Joseph 'is' a fruitful son; A fruitful son by a fountain, Daughters step over the wall; 23 And embitter him—yea, they have striven, Yea, hate him do archers; 24 And his bow abideth in strength, And strengthened are the arms of his hands By the hands of the Mighty One of Jacob, Whence is a shepherd, a son of Israel. 25 By the God of thy father who helpeth thee, And the Mighty One who blesseth thee, Blessings of the heavens from above, Blessings of the deep lying under, Blessings of breasts and womb;— 26 Thy father's blessings have been mighty Above the blessings of my progenitors, Unto the limit of the heights age-during They are for the head of Joseph, And for the crown of the one Separate 'from' his brethren. 27 Benjamin! a wolf teareth; In the morning he eateth prey, And at evening he apportioneth spoil.'

The Death and Burial of Jacob

28 All these 'are' the twelve tribes of Israel, and this 'is' that which their father hath spoken unto them, and he blesseth them; each according to his blessing he hath blessed them. 29 And he commandeth them, and saith unto them, 'I am being gathered unto my people; bury me by my fathers, at the cave which 'is' in the field of Ephron the Hittite; 30 in the cave which 'is' in the field of Machpelah, which 'is' on the front of Mamre, in the land of Canaan, which Abraham bought with the field from Ephron the Hittite for a possession of a burying-place; 31 (there they buried Abraham and Sarah his wife; there they buried Isaac and Rebekah his wife; and there I buried Leah); 32 the purchase of the field and of the cave which 'is' in it, 'is' from Sons of Heth.' 33 And Jacob finisheth commanding his sons, and gathereth up his feet unto the bed, and expireth, and is gathered unto his people.

501 And Joseph falleth on his father's face, and weepeth over him, and kisseth him; 2 and Joseph commandeth his servants, the physicians, to embalm his father, and the physicians embalm Israel; 3 and they fulfil for him forty days, for so they fulfil the days of the embalmed, and the Egyptians weep for him seventy days. 4 And the days of his weeping pass away, and Joseph speaketh unto the house of Pharaoh, saying, 'If, I pray you, I have found grace in your eyes, speak, I pray you, in the ears of Pharaoh, saying, 5 My father caused me to swear, saying, Lo, I am dying; in my burying-place which I have prepared for myself in the land of Canaan, there dost thou bury me; and now, let me go up, I pray thee, and bury my father, and return;' 6 and Pharaoh saith, 'Go up and bury thy father, as he caused thee to swear.'

7 And Joseph goeth up to bury his father, and go up with him do all the servants of Pharaoh, elders of his house, and all the elders of the land of Egypt, 8 and all the house of Joseph, and his brethren, and the house of his father; only their infants, and their flock, and their herd, have they left in the land of Goshen; 9 and there go up with him both chariot and horsemen, and the camp is very great. 10 And they come unto the threshing-floor of Atad, which 'is' beyond the Jordan, and they lament there, a lamentation great and very grievous; and he maketh for his father a mourning seven days, 11 and the inhabitant of the land, the Canaanite, see the mourning in the threshing-floor of Atad, and say, 'A grievous mourning 'is' this to the Egyptians;' therefore hath 'one' called its name 'The mourning of the Egyptians,' which 'is' beyond the Jordan. 12 And his sons do to him so as he commanded them, 13 and his sons bear him away to the land of Canaan, and bury him in the cave of the field of Machpelah, which Abraham bought with the field for a possession of a burying-place, from Ephron the Hittite, on the front of Mamre. 14 And Joseph turneth back to Egypt, he and his brethren, and all who are going up with him to bury his father, after his burying his father.

The Death of Joseph

15 And the brethren of Joseph see that their father is dead, and say, 'Peradventure Joseph doth hate us, and doth certainly return to us all the evil which we did with him.' 16 And they give a charge for Joseph, saying, 'Thy father commanded before his death, saying, 17 Thus ye do say to Joseph, I pray thee, bear, I pray thee, with the transgression of thy brethren, and their sin, for they have done thee evil; and now, bear, we pray thee, with the transgression of the servants of the God of thy father;' and Joseph weepeth in their speaking unto him. 18 And his brethren also go and fall before him, and say, 'Lo, we 'are' to thee for servants.' 19 And Joseph saith unto them, 'Fear not, for 'am' I in the place of God? 20 As for you, ye devised against me evil—God devised it for good, in order to do as 'at' this day, to keep alive a numerous people; 21 and now, fear not: I do nourish you and your infants;' and he comforteth them, and speaketh unto their heart.

22 And Joseph dwelleth in Egypt, he and the house of his father, and Joseph liveth a hundred and ten years, 23 and Joseph looketh on Ephraim's sons of the third 'generation'; sons also of Machir, son of Manasseh, have been born on the knees of Joseph. 24 And Joseph saith unto his brethren, 'I am dying, and God doth certainly inspect you, and hath caused you to go up from this land, unto the land which He hath sworn to Abraham, to Isaac, and to Jacob.' 25 And Joseph causeth the sons of Israel to swear, saying, 'God doth certainly inspect you, and ye have brought up my bones from this 'place'.' 26 And Joseph dieth, a son of an hundred and ten years, and they embalm him, and he is put into a coffin in Egypt.