20 In that day the Lord will hire a "razor" from beyond the Euphrates River -the king of Assyria-and use it to shave off everything: your land, your crops, and your people.

Matthew Henry's Commentary on Isaiah 7:20

Commentary on Isaiah 7:17-25

(Read Isaiah 7:17-25)

Let those who will not believe the promises of God, expect to hear the alarms of his threatenings; for who can resist or escape his judgments? The Lord shall sweep all away; and whomsoever he employs in any service for him, he will pay. All speaks a sad change of the face of that pleasant land. But what melancholy change is there, which sin will not make with a people? Agriculture would cease. Sorrows of every kind will come upon all who neglect the great salvation. If we remain unfruitful under the means of grace, the Lord will say, Let no fruit grow on thee henceforth for ever.