18 Whoso walketh uprightly shall be saved: but he that is perverse in his ways shall fall at once.

Other Translations of Proverbs 28:18

New International Version

18 The one whose walk is blameless is kept safe, but the one whose ways are perverse will fall into the pit.Syriac (see Septuagint); Hebrew "into one"

English Standard Version

18 Whoever walks in integrity will be delivered, but he who is crooked in his ways will suddenly fall.

The Message

18 Walk straight - live well and be saved; a devious life is a doomed life. Doing Great Harm in Seemingly Harmless Ways

New King James Version

18 Whoever walks blamelessly will be saved, But he who is perverse in his ways will suddenly fall.

New Living Translation

18 The blameless will be rescued from harm, but the crooked will be suddenly destroyed.

Matthew Henry's Commentary on Proverbs 28:18

Commentary on Proverbs 28:18

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Uprightness will give men holy security in the worst times; but the false and dishonest are never safe.