5 When ye blow an alarm, then the camps that lie on the east parts shall go forward.

Other Translations of Numbers 10:5

New International Version

5 When a trumpet blast is sounded, the tribes camping on the east are to set out.

English Standard Version

5 When you blow an alarm, the camps that are on the east side shall set out.

The Message

5 When it gives a long blast, that's the signal to march. At the first blast the tribes who were camped on the east set out.

New King James Version

5 When you sound the advance, the camps that lie on the east side shall then begin their journey.

New Living Translation

5 "When you sound the signal to move on, the tribes camped on the east side of the Tabernacle must break camp and move forward.

Matthew Henry's Commentary on Numbers 10:5

Commentary on Numbers 10:1-10

(Read Numbers 10:1-10)

Here are directions concerning the public notices to be given the people by sound of trumpet. Their laws in every case were to be Divine, therefore, even in this matter Moses is directed. These trumpets typify the preached gospel. It sounds an alarm to sinners, calls them to repent, proclaims liberty to the captives and slaves of Satan, and collects the worshippers of God. It directs and encourages their heavenly journey; stirs them up to combat against the world and sin, encouraging them with the assurance of victory. It leads their attention to the sacrifice of Christ, and shows the Lord's presence for their protection. It is also necessary that the gospel trumpet give a distinct sound, according to the persons addressed, or the end proposed; whether to convince, humble, console, exhort, reprove, or teach. The sounding of the trumpet of the gospel is God's ordinance, and demands the attention of all to whom it is sent.